1) Make a set of large flash cards. Make one flash card for every basic offensive alignment you can think of.

2) Stand with the flash cards under the basket.

3) Place five defenders in a zone defense alignment with their backs to the coach.

4) Place five offensive players outside the three point line facing the coach. Assign a number to each offensive player - 1 through 5.

5) Instruct the defense to close their eyes by giving the command "Close."

6) Hold up a flash card. Offensive players silently move to their position as shown on the flash card.

7) When all five offensive players are stationary in their offensive positions, tell the defense to open their eyes and match up with an offensive player by giving the command "Open and Match."

Demand communication in matching up. Be slow to provide answers to player questions. It will become their defense when they talk about it and arrive at an acceptable solution that is theirs.

Keep it simple!

Repeat steps 1 through 7 with other flash cards.

NEXT: Include a basketball and work on positioning. Do not allow the offense to pass, dribble or shoot the basketball yet.

NEXT: Repeat steps 1 through 7 and allow the offense to pass the basketball.

NEXT: Repeat steps 1 through 7 and allow the offense pass, drive to the basket and shoot.

NEXT: Repeat steps 1 through 7 and allow the offense to align themselves in any set they wish while the defense has their eyes shut. Again allow the offense to pass, drive to the basket and shoot.

1) Using the same flash cards repeat steps 1 through 7.
2) Require the offense to hold the ball for three seconds before passing.
3) Require the offense to pass the ball at least five times before shooting.
4) Require the offensive players without the ball to either exchange or screen, while maintaining the same basic offensive alignment.

Your match-up defense is now ready to handle cutters.

"Bump" when two offensive players cross as in a screen or an exchange. Both defenders must say 'bump' when the exchange players. "BUMP" means 'switch.'

When one cutter leaves an area another cutter will soon replace him.

Harmless Cut - cuts away from the ball - 'bump' and 'obsorb' these cutters with the helpside defenders.

Obsorbing cutters is just a matter of zoning the cut and then re-matching after the cut is finished.

Rule Cut - cuts moving toward the ball. "Rule" means the nearest post defender must accept and cover all rule cutters, leaving weakside defenders to match-up on the helpside.

When a cutter moves in the same direction as the ball, it is a 'rule cut' only when the cutter moves deep through the lane. A shallow looping cut in front of the defense is an automatic 'bump.'

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