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LDS Church (official)

The Cross   Latter-day Saints approach the Cross of Calvary—upon which Jesus was crucified—with feelings of reverent sadness and appreciation.

Evidence for a spirit world

Book of Mormon ANSWERMAN

Reasons to be LDS

LDS Scriptures

Jaredites in Arabia

Critics and the  Book of Abraham

Introduction to the LDS Church

The descendants of Joktan

Unrolling the Scrolls

Joseph Smith   His life and prophecies

Deep doctrine

They foretold a restoration of the truth in the last days

The Three Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham

Temples     in the Last Days

Free will, slavery, war

Authority   Authority does not carry power. Authority refers simply to organization.

Questions and fallacies   How to Answer Questions without offending people

"Mormon Fundamentalists"

Jaguars in the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Prophecy

God, Adam, and Angels   Brigham Young was a true prophet.

Many people never really understand the church   It is possible to be a lifelong church member, and still not be converted

The Mask of Mormonism   "We are greatly misunderstood, and I fear that much of it is of our own making." - Gordon B. Hinckley

Critics ('anti-Mormons')

The Tanners   Is that the best they can do?

Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Made Criticisms

More about the Church

Which Bible do you use?

Kingdom of God  On Earth

One Minute Guide to the Mormon Church

The early church fell into apostasy

Everything Made Simple  Apostasy

101 Bible Prophecies: All Fulfilled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Science and the Mormon Church

Dates Foretold in The Bible

Why follow the prophet?

Is the Church a Big Bad Brainwasher?

What is the Book of Mormon?

Christ in America

Divinity of the Savior    The Living Christ  In this document, the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bear testimony of the life and
divinity of the Savior.

Read Joseph Smith's personal account   of the events leading to the establishment of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Book of Mormon   Online Text

The Pearl of Great Price  Online Text

The Doctrine and Covenants   Online Text

Are Mormons Christians?    Latter-day Saints are indeed Christians in the truest sense of the word.  With resolute firmness, the Church declares that "Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations."

What is the Book of Mormon?   The Book of Mormon is a volume of sacred writings comparable to the Bible. Its principal purpose is to testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the ruthfulness of his teachings.

Teachings About the Godhead   Latter-day Saints believe in God the Father; his Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost.

The Book of Mormon Study Site

More Evidence that Jesus is Jehovah

The True Church and Additional Scripture

Brigham Young

Are the Heavens Closed? The Importance of Continuous Revelation

Eternal Marriage

Gospel Study Article   Assorted articles to complement the study of each standard work.

Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments   This is a famous devotional speech by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  It was
delivered in 1988 when he was president of BYU, and discusses the sacrednature of sexual purity, and abstinence
before marriage.  Good for young and old.

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith     That's right, the entire text online.  This has been an invaluable source for General Authorities, leaders, and

The Necessity of Priesthood Authority: The LDS Church and the Early Christian Priesthood

How Are Jesus and the Father "One"?

Who is Jesus Christ?

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

MORMONISM. The Faith of the Twenty-first Century. Volume 1

Baptism (and for the dead)

Ancient Evidence of Baptism for the Dead

Are Jesus and Satan Brothers?

Man's Potential for Godhood

To Become Godly

Christ's Church is a Lay Ministry

The Spirit World and the Plan of Salvation

Twelve Signs of the True Church

What LDS Leaders Have Said About America's History and Future

Jesus the Christ

Did the Ancient Church Fall Away? Evidence of the Great Apostasy

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Can Genuine Christians Fall Away? Once Saved, Always Saved?

Secrecy in Ancient Christianity

Some Notes on Baptism for the Dead in 1 Corinthians 15:29

Masonry and the Mormon Temple

The Book of Mormon: Ancient or Modern?

Mormonism and the Occult?

Another Look at THE GODMAKERS

Divine Justice in the Book of Mormon: Answering Anti-Mormon Attacks on 3 Nephi

The Authenticity of Alma 7:10: A Reply to Anti-Mormon Criticisms of Alma's Prophecy that Christ Would Be Born in the Land of

The Book of Mormon and the Spaulding Theory

The Vapor of Darkness in 3 Nephi: Proof of Fraud in the Book of Mormon?

Does the Book of Mormon Teach Mormonism? Answering the Anti-Mormon Claim that Unique LDS Doctrinbes are Not Taught in

A Reply to John Tvedtnes's Review of My Book ONE LORD, ONE FAITH

The Apostasy of the Gospel

The Restoration of the Gospel

Computer test on the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon contents

Are there Lost Scriptures?

Is the Bible Inerrant?

Saved by Faith, Works or Both?

Joseph Smith Library

The Godhead/Trinity Question

The Prophet's Counsel: The Six Bs   "Excerpts from President Gordon B. Hinckley's fireside address on November 12, 2000."

Gospel Principles

Accusatory Questions

General Criticism

Book of Mormon Criticism

Church History Criticism

Book of Abraham Criticism

Latter-day Saint Glossary and Vocabulary   These words are frequently encountered when reading or listening to discussions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Doctrines of the Gospel   "Doctrines are teachings. They are classified as true or false. True doctrines come from God, the source and fountain of all truth, and are the teachings and concepts found in the gospel. False doctrines are from beneath.

Teachings About Our Premortal Existence   The term "pre-existence," or more accurately, "premortal existence," refers to a period of individual conscious and accountable life before birth into mortality on this earth.

Teachings About the Afterlife   "A purpose of the final judgment is to judge every person, to provide a separation of the faithful from the wicked, and to make available the promised blessings of eternal reward to God's faithful children. Jesus Christ is the judge." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Church Organization and Priesthood Authority   "Jesus Christ is the great High Priest of God; Christ is therefore the source of all true priesthood authority and power on this earth (Heb. 5- 10). Man does not take such priesthood power unto himself; it must be conferred by God through his servants (Heb. 5:4; D&C 1:38)." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Teachings About Temples   "Holy sanctuaries wherein sacred ordinances, rites, and ceremonies are performed which pertain to salvation and exaltation in the kingdom of God are called temples." Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine

Teachings About the Family   The Church proclaims that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ   The gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan of salvation.

Scriptural Writings

Teachings About Jesus Christ   Jesus Christ is the central figure in the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Testimonies   from living and past witnesses of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

Question and Answer   from members and non-members alike.

Do Mormons wear special undergarments?

What is the LDS conception of Hell?

Do Mormons believe that God is married?

Why don't Mormons have crosses on their buildings and temples?

Are Church leaders considered infallible and free from error?

Do Mormons believe in the virgin birth?   Yes, Latter-day Saints believe that Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, was a virgin at the time of Jesus' birth.

How is LDS theology different from other Christians?

What is the role of women in Mormon society?

What are some distinctive LDS teachings?

Who was Joseph Smith?

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Do Mormons believe in the Trinity?

Mormon or LDS Gateway or Portal to the Internet

What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?

Do Latter-day Saints believe that they are the only Christians?

What is "Mormonism"?   Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were nicknamed "Mormons" by non-members because of their belief in The Book of Mormon. Non-members have at times also referred to the LDS faith as "Mormonism".

Do only Mormons go to heaven?

Doesn't the partiality of the Book of Mormon Witnesses invalidate the Book of Mormon?

What Do Latter-day Saints Believe About God?

Some LDS Perspectives on the Bible   Kent P. Jackson discusses how and why Latter-day Saints view the Bible differently than some other denominations.

Do You Believe in a Different Jesus?

Do Latter-day Saints Believe in the Bible and Biblical Christianity?

The Lord's Way of Proving the Gospel

What do Latter-day Saints mean when they say that God was once a man?

Joseph Smith Translation (JST)

Doesn't the JST Violate Revelation 22:18-19?

Do Latter-day Saints only trust in their feelings (e.g., a "burning in the bosom") and ignore facts and common sense?

Does the Book of Mormon Teach the "Fulness of the Gospel"?   Please note that the scriptures teach that the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel, not the fullness of gospel doctrine.

Mormonism Overview   The term Mormonism describes the Christian religious, cultural, and institutional tradition associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is the official designation of the religion "established on April 6, 1830, at Fayette, New York, under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith."

Do you believe the Bible is as important as other Christians?   We accept the Bible "as the foremost of [the Church's] standard works, first among the
books which have been proclaimed asÖwritten guides in faith and doctrine.

 Is the Book of Mormon really an ancient book?

Mormon or LDS Essays

Heaven and the Degrees of Glory    Latter-day Saints use the term heaven to describe the eternal dwelling place of all those have received the reward of a glorious afterlife.

LDS Education

Mormon or LDS Crossword and Word Search Puzzles

LDS Families

Mormon or LDS Word-Search Puzzles

Scripture Mastery

Church Programs

Aaronic Priesthood

Melchizedek Priesthood

Auxillary Organizations

Good Clean LDS or Mormon Humor

Mormon Diaries/Journals and Biographies

The Mormon Classics Library

About The Book of Mormon

Monthly Messages

Experiences with Church Leaders

Solving theChristian Puzzle

Interactive Scripture Study

The Cult Attack

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles

LDS Index


 Book of Mormon Screensaver

Is the LDS Church a Cult?


 The LDS Perspective on Adam and the Fall

Deseret's Best

Quotes and Scriptures for Prospective Missionaries

 The Relationship Between Grace, Works, and Eternal Life

 Evidence for the Book of Mormon

Teaching by the Spirit

A Brief Introduction to The Book of Mormon

Share Your Testimony

Religious Pictures used in the Mormon or LDS Church

Mormon or LDS Discussion Forum

The Source of the Book of Abraham

Departure from Tradition

The Facsimiles and Other Issues


Latter-day Christianity: 10 Basic Issues

Close Social Ties

Facetious (?) Questions...

 Wild Bill Rides Again: The Tanners on the Danites

Have There Been Thousands of Changes in the Book of Mormon?

Is the Book of Mormon Plagiarized From Modern Works?

Answers to Facetious Questions

Commandment Keeping

 New Jersusalem

New Scripture

New Doctrines


The Restoration (and the Apostasy)

 General Conference (print)

Prophets and Apostles

 Gospel Doctrine Lesson Links

The Trinity

Book of Mormon Evidences: Direct or Parallel?

FARMS Online

Does LDS Religion Have Science Fiction Overtones?

 Home / Visiting Teaching

Love, Dating, Marriage, and Morality

 LDS Evidences

Mormon or LDS Book: Quest for Eternity, Jesus Christ

 LDS Gift Shop

 LDS Hymns (MIDI)

Joseph Smith

Questions about Relationships Between God and Man

Did Joseph Smith Make Any Accurate Prophecies?

Testimony and Knowledge

 LDS Temples

Questions about the Dead

Christianity and  Mormonism

Why we Believe

Questions about Joseph's First Vision Accounts

Questions about LDS Worship and Practices

 LDS Women's Forum

Why is it easy to criticize

Are LDS Temples Derived from Masonry?

 LDS Youth Page

Questions about Joseph Smith and Modern Prophets

Missionary Helper

The Issue of Race

 Response to the Mormon Critics

 Meridian Magazine

 Mission Net

 Mormon History Page

 Relief Society


 Worldwide LDS Home Page

 Gospel Research Pages

 LDS   Welcome to Here you can voice you opinion on a variety of topics, write an article to be
                                    published, chat with a friend on-line, get answers to those impossible questions and just have fun. I made
                                    this web page so everyone LDS (and maybe non-LDS) could come and Voice their thoughts and opinions.
                                    Have FUN!

 Families Are Forever   This site is dedicated to helping us all create a warm, loving, supportive and welcoming home!

 Selected Topics for Life's Experiences and Challenges

The Apostasy and Restoration of Christ's Church

Our Heavenly Father's Plan.

References to the Book of Mormon  in The Bible

Points of the True Church of Christ.

 23 Questions Answered by The Book of Mormon

Search through 30 years  of Church magazine  articles   from the Ensign, New Era, Friend, and Liahona magazines. Articles can be searched
by title, keyword, phrase, reference, and even by topic.

 Lisa's Little Bit Of Everything  by  ldsmothers  In this crazy world where demands on our time and energy are never ending it's nice to come together with
                                    other sisters with the same values and who's focus is ...Our Families! Come on over to my site and kick
                                    back and relax!

 Susan Pixley's Personal LDS Home Page   I have recipes, a newsletter, scripture study chart, a page for my missionary son, a brief history, a list of
                                    links, and a page for my webrings.

Gospel, Bargains, Crafts, Parenting, Parties, Recipes, is an uplifting website for Mormon women and girls. Topics include: Gospel, Bargains,
                                    Crafts, Parenting, Parties, Recipes, Style! Check us out!

 Julia's Junction  This page is about me, my family & friends, my conversion story to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
                                    Day Saints and my Testimony

 The Landon Family   Hi, come on in to our little home on the corner. We would love to have you here to see what we have. We
                                    have children's music a place to write Santa Claus and so much more.

 Lissa's Place  I have an LDS angels sight, a friend sight filled with my most special Relief Society sisters. My pages are
                                    filled with my original poetry, primary childrens page(featuring all the songs for this years primary), A family
                                    Home evening page for every month filled with original ideas and holiday ideas, Lissa's genealogy, & Pet

 The Homemaking Cottage  To support homemakers. Lots of HFPE ideas.

 Ponderings of an LDS Woman  In the quiet of the night, after my many children are finally asleep, I ponder important things such as
                                    teaching my teens through the articles of faith and why only Mom can put the toilet paper on the roll. This
                                    is a collection of my midnight ponderings.

 GooseCCC Golden Nest   About me, my faith, my politics, my family, my intrests and my job.

 Bunny's Bungalow   My site is created as a help for those wanting to create there family histories.

Inspirations   I have found and written poetry to inspire the soul from Primary to Relief Society.

 LDS Depression   A site dedicated to providing information, resources, and support for the members of The Church of Jesus
                                    Christ of Latter-day Saints or people of all faiths who have been touched by depression's hand.

  The 13 Articles of Faith

Gospel Principles Lesson list   I conduct a Gospel Principles lesson each week. I take a chapter from the Gospel Principles manual (a highly
       recommended, must have book) and break it up into concepts. I add referenced scriptures and do a comments and
       resources post at the beginng.

Gospel Living Quotation Database   Over 1600 searchable quotes from LDS General Authorities, scriptures, and famous people on missionary work and
       dozens of other gospel topics. A great resource for teachers, missionaries, and families.

 LDSfamilies Website   Our site is a site FOR LDSfamilies or anyone who wishes to view it. It also goes along with our e-mail list
                                    that we started. Recipes, poetry and so forth are contained within this site.

 LDS Missionary Folklore  This is a great site for you to submit your missionary stories and read what others have submitted.

Mark E. Petersen's "Chastity"


 Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange for Latter-Day Saints (SHIELDS)

 Considerations  (Understanding Church Leaders)

Gospel Essentials with Kelly and Dorthey   Gospel Essentials provides links and original works supporting and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sit back and enjoy.

Errand of Angels   Written in hopes of giving support, ideas, and encouragement to LDS Women as we strive to be better members,
       mothers, and sisters in the gospel.

Christ Like 2001     Introducting the online book, "Christ Like 2000 - Book I: The Inner Peace Christ Offers," beautiful clip art of Christ,
       quotes from Church Leaders, official LDS sites and art links.

 Why Listen to LDS Testimony?   (Why are LDS Testimonies any more valid than any other testimony)

L.D.S. Thoughts For You   Inspirational thoughts with humor for the whole family. Great for talks, FHE, lessons, and motivation.

 More Excerpts   (Tanners, Prejudice, Kingdom of God = Service and Healing Others)

 Again  (Truth in all religions, scholars, Brigham Young in context, Jimmy Carter)

 Miscellaneous Thoughts on Religion

LDS Church News

 LDS Internet Resources Message Boards



 Introduction: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

 Questions about Apparent Problems in the Book of Mormon




Gospel Principles (An online book outlining the plan of salvation.)

Chance Hammock's LDS Page   A site with GREAT links for the LDS Church. Many useful sights for teachers and investigators!

 Alleged Problems   The Book of Mormon

Thoughts for Talks   Thoughts for Talks is a great resource for those who are preparing Talks, Lessons and for personal Gospel study.

Joseph Smith's Testimony

Questions about  Evidence   The Book of Mormon

The Plan of Salvation   Graphic illustration of the Plan of Salvation with supporting scripture verses sited.

The Plan of Salvation   A linked map of man's origin, purpose on earth and destiny.

About Heavenly Father

LDS Seminar & Scripture Commentary   LDS Seminar (LDSS) is an online discussion forum for Gospel Doctrine teachers with weekly posts addressing the upcoming Gospel Doctrine lessons.

 BOM Evidences   The Book of Mormon

Larry Hunter's LDS Website

Latter-day Christianity: 10 Basic Issues

 Changes   The Book of Mormon

 SmithsonianStatement   The Book of Mormon

The Gift of Guilt

The Mission of the Aaronic Priesthood

 Plants & Animals   The Book of Mormon

 Plagiarism?   The Book of Mormon

A GREAT Temple page!!

Questions about Relationships Between God and Man

BYU Devotional and Speeches   Devotional Addresses - Selected address from Classic Speeches

Questions about the Divine Potential of Man

Testimony and Knowledge

 The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Christ

Christ in America

Brant Gardner's Page   A Book of Mormon commentary from doctrinal, historical, anthropological, and literary viewpoints. Essays and papers on
                                   the Book of Mormon and theology.

 Latter-day Saints and the Bible

The Bible and the Book of Mormon   New study from the Bible to support everything is related to the church of Jesus Christ lds

Prophecy, History and Mormonism   A novel view of history gives new insights into prophecy -- ancient and modern. Joseph Smith's view of
                                            prophecy related to Catastrophism.

Learn to Unlock Book of Mormon Seals   The articles found here support the truth of the Book of Mormon claim to be the translation of the history of
                            an  ancient Hebrew civilization and help unlock the secrets of this sacred record.

Questions about Joseph Smith and Modern Prophets

 Book of Abraham Issues

 Mormon History Resource Page

The Sunday School Page

Gospel Study

Thoughts for Talks

The Restoration (and the Apostasy)

The History of the Church by Joseph Smith

Social Services

Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley

Teachings of Howard W. Hunter

Questions about the Oneness of God

Grace, Works, &  Salvation  LDS Doctrine

Joseph Smith, Jun.'s Contribution

Missionary Work

Book of Mormon geography, lands, and predicted evidence (   Introductes specific geologic discoveries foretold in the Book of mormon that provide new insight for the identification of the actual Book of Mormon setting.

Gospel Doctrine by Joseph F. Smith

Answers to Questions About the LDS Church   Answers to critics' questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Answers to Book of Abraham Criticism   Critics of the Church often try to find fault with the Book of Abraham. This paper gives a VERY good
           description of how to handle the criticisms.

 Are Mormons  Christian? (Yes!)

 Mormon Literature Website

 Bible Humor

 Book of Mormon Humor

Mormon Culture Humor

Mormon Culture Humor Part 2

Mormon Culture Humor Part 3

"Why These Temples"

Response to Criticism

 Divine Potential of  Man

 Adam & the Fall


 Baptism for the Dead

AAMN Archives   contains the back issues of our newsletter, from last month's edition all the way back to August
1997.  If you are interested in receiving our free monthly email newsletter, please email us!


The Atonement

 A Cult or What?

 First Vision Accounts

The Apostasy

 About LDS Prophets

Family History

Aaron: Brother of Moses

Aaronic Priesthood: Restoration

Aaronic Priesthood: Powers and Offices

Church History

Search Church Scriptures, Magazines, and Curriculum

Church Leaders

 Fulfilled Prophecies?

LDS Shops

Cumorah Country Bookstore

 LDS Quiz #1

LDS Quiz #2

LDS Quiz #3

LDS Quiz #4

LDS Hymns sound files

 Temple Origins

 What of the Danites?

 Mormons and Race

President Hinckley on Larry King

President Hinckley in the LA Times

The Family: A Proclamation to the World


Relief Society Declaration

 2 Nephi 12 and the Septuagint: Evidence for Fraud or Authenticity in the Book of Mormon?

 Questions about the Dead

Missionary Commission

Australian LDS Page

LDS Missionary Cartoons   Read letters from missionaries. Real Missionaries, Real Stories! If you are going on a mission get your letters and photos
       posted for you on the web for free! Play LDS online games!

Mormon Missions   The Mormon Missions site profiles each nation and province in the world. It is a great resource for missionaries and their
       families. You can learn about the place where your missionary is going or keep tabs on the place where you may have
       served. There are hundreds of pages including information on history, weather, governments, economies, people, etc. You
       can view maps, flags or listen to national anthems. You may want to add it to your list of Internet resources.

Pamphlets Published by the LDS Church   A missionary's collection of pamphlets published by the LDS Church, in HTML format.

Serve The Master   Quality list of inspirational quotes and thoughts for the missionary and family alike.

Words of Wisdom   Most of the quotes come from Leaders of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

 Lehi's Trail   Book of Mormon research and education foundation. Offers tours and expeditions which focus on scriptural history and the
           people and land of the Book of Mormon.

 Misconceptions of LDS Beliefs.     This site is an answer to misconceptions about The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. It is an
           answer to those who want to know about the true Church and those who have been mislead by those who are actively against the Church.

 17 Primary Errors of Mormonism Rebuttal

 The meaning of the Pentagram on LDS Temples

 Questions and Answers

 Problems With the Book of Mormon? - A List of Possible Solutions   A paper written by Melissa Birkholz to refute a document being
           spread by a Beaufort C. Addison about "problems" with the Book of Mormon.

 The POULSEN / BRADLEE Letters   A religious debate (via e-mail) between a Mormon and a Protestant Engineer.

 Three Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham   A paper by Hugh Nibley concerning the Three Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham. Attempt to
           answer some of the LDS criticism concerning the Book of Abraham.

 One Minute Guide to the Mormon Church

Life's greatest questions

 Which Bible do you use?

 More about the Church

 About the apostles

 Why prophecy?

A secular approach to prophets

 Why follow the prophet?

 The unbeatable strength of the Church

 Historical documents - what do they prove?

God, Adam, and Angels

 Jaguars in the Book of Mormon

 Apostolic and Biblical authority

 Heresies   how ancient heresies are re-born in traditional Christianity

 The Mask of Mormonism    digging below the surface to find the real LDS church. Includes a review of the April 2000 General Conference.

 Is that the best they can do?    a critic suggested that I read more by the Tanners. This is what I found.

 Science and non-science   or, why a scientist needs a good religion

 The prophecies of Joseph Smith

 Are you (or were you) converted?

 Skin color, race, and priesthood

 Power and authority    what are they, who has them, and why? All about the priesthood and priesthood restrictions.

 Do you like the church?

 The Fall of Adam and the Atonement of Christ   A new approach to the central teaching of
              the gospel. What did we fall from? What do science and history to say about the fall of
              Adam? Why did Jesus have to suffer?

 Which Bible do you believe in?   There are great differences between different Bibles.

 Temples   What the Bible says about Christian temples


 How can there be free will if God knows the future? Why does the New Testament not   oppose slavery? Did Joseph Smith marry a 14 year old?   and other strong questions...

 Why do people fall away?

 Evidence for the existence of a spirit world

 How to answer questions   (very rough) plus related issues.

A logical approach to the gospel   The nearest thing you'll find to a philosophical proof of the existence of God.

 Mormon Fundamentalists

 the word of God   A page on bibliolotry (treating the Bible as an idol).

 Are you saved?

 Deep Doctrine

 Humorous scriptures from the Bible   a little light relief after all that heavy thinking

 Frequently Asked Questions from "Born Again Christians"

 simple stuff

The Fullness of the Gospel


 Obedience and Freedom

 Quotations about individuality

 Bible prophecies to share with your friends

 The Government of God

 Life's greatest questions

 101 Bible prophecies

 Book of Mormon  evidence

 Frequently Asked Questions from "Born Again Christians"

 Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Made Criticisms


 Joseph Smith's life

 The strength of Mormonism

 Falling Away and Restoration Foretold   The Apostasy of the Christian Church along with the Restoration of the true Church of Jesus Christ is explained.

 Gospel Doctrine: Sermons and Writings Joseph F. Smith, 6th President of Church.    The on-line text version of the book written by President Joseph F. Smith. It touches on many of the basic beliefs shared by members of the LDS faith.

 Jesus the Christ   The on-line version done by Deseret Book of the book written about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, by Elder Talmage.

 Outlines and Study Guides   This page provides some outlines based on old lessons and talks  given through the years and some notes based on research. These outlines contain numerous quotes and scriptural references related to various gospel topics. The most recent additions are a nineteen page paper on Prayer and Personal Revelation and an outline on the Priesthood.

Living Oracles   A page dedicated to information about prophets and apostles, the living oracles. Talks, sermons, and quotes are given along with other resources for the one interested in information about the LDS Church.

 Lesson 19   The Plan of Salvation

 Lesson 4   "Remember the New Covenant, Even the Book of Mormon"

 Latter-day Laughs

 Meridian Magazine   Meridian is an online LDS magazine, updated weekly, that takes a new measure of the world -- a measure from a
           gospel perspective. It investigates pertinent and important stories, celebrates and seeks out the noble and virtuous, and is just plain fun to
           read, leaving you more hopeful about your life and your world than when you began. A gathering place for Latter-day saints.

 Joseph Smith's Testimony

 Gospel Principles (An online book outlining the plan of salvation.)

 Our Heavenly Father's Plan   A graphical representation of the Plan of Salvation along with basic beliefs about that plan that Mormons have.

 Our Pre-Existence   One question that has concerned mankind through the ages is, "Where did we come from before birth?" This site seeks to explain that and more scripturally.

 The Eternal Rounds   Seeking, but not revealing, the mysteries of God.

 Word of Wisdom Commentary   An objective and comprehensive resource of commentary on the Word of Wisdom.

 LDS Images   "Preach the Gospel through our immediate sense: the sight". LDS Images is an organized collection of hundreds of religious images, postcards, wallpapers, hotbars, skins and more.

 Mormon Humor   Find jokes, stories, one-liners, and other hilarious LDS tidbits on this site.

 Mormon Zone   A Mormon site unlike any other! Find jokes, recipes, novels, an auction and more!

 41 Points of the True Church   Which church is the true church of Jesus Christ?

Biblical References to the Book of Mormon   A list of scriptures from the Bible that prophesy of the coming of the Book of Mormon.

 The WWW LDS Visitors Center   Web site for the general public containing valuable information regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as "Mormon" or "LDS" Church).

 LDS Church News  The Church News homesite with talks, stats, news, columns, and much more.

 Questions Answered by The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ

LDS Humor & Lighter-day Life

 Questions to Gospel Answers: A Journey of Faith   Challenging questions and observations collected from my journey of faith that have played an important part in moving beyond being a life-long Mormon into full communion with the Body of Christ, which is His Church...

 Is the central Christian doctrine of the Trinity found in the Book ofMormon?

 Has Jesus Christ always been a God?

 Do we become the sons and daughters of God the Father or Jesus

 Mormon Doctrine of Deity   by B.H. Roberts.

 The LDS endowment page

Karen's Korner: Religious Experiences

 Testify! Why I Am LDS   Latter-day Saint conversion stories, both contemporary and historical

 Sci-Fi Themes in LDS Theology?

 Papyri & Book of Abraham Articles, Analysis & Reviews   Extensive analysis of papyri, facsimiles, Egyptology, history, doctrine, authenticity of Book of Abraham

 Issues of the Bible and Theology   Discusses God, history, scriptural interpretation, Deification, Trinity, Textual Criticism,
Dead Sea Scrolls, Inerrancy of the Bible, Bible Codes, LDS views of the Bible

 Keystone Book of Mormon Archaeology, History & Thought   Discusses archaeology, Linguistics, Word
Studies, Dead Sea Scrolls, history, doctrine, authenticity of the Book of Mormon

 LDS Church History   Discusses Joseph Smith, Prophecies, LDS History heroes and villains, Orin Porter Rockwell, Dan Jones, Brigham
Young, B.H. Roberts, Orson Pratt, Parley P. Pratt, Danites, and anti-Mormon historians, Fawn Brodie, D. Michael Quinn, Jerald and Sandra
Tanner, Dan Vogel, Brent Metcalfe, etc.

 Mormon Mysticism   I will add research into areas of interest to Mormon mystics as I can. This
section will explore various interesting byways for Mormons who are exploring new and individual personal spirituality. Areas will include Sacred
Geometry, Meditation, Cabalah, Hermetica, Tarot Cards (No, NOT the idiot use of them as fortune telling and witchcraft, but their astonishing
meanings through the incredibly vast ranges of symbolism they employ, as a means of awakening our inward resources God has given us to use. I
see them as the Medieval spirituality in an astonishing pictorial presentation of the Endowment, though their ideas stretch back way into hoary
antiquity), End of World Prophecies of ancient cultures, Mayan, Chinese, Polynesian, ancient European, etc., sacred world mythologies and their
meanings, sacred symbolism and their meanings in our own lives as we apply them to our individual situations we find ourselves in, etc. In others
words, this site with all these areas are for the complete Mormon who is willing to look into broader ranges and categories in order to grow
spiritually, intellectually, mentally, etc., willing to acknowledge and see connnections with nature, the world, the cosmos, God, to our very
selves. You know......well.......mysticism - DUH! GRIN!

 Commentary on Jerald and Sandra Tanner's Magnum Opus, "Mormonism - Shadow or Reality?"

 Barry Bickmore's Early Christianity and Mormonism Page   Simply a must look at for information on early Christianity with many invaluable links! A very well done and scholarly site. One of the most complete sites on early Chrisitianity along with Arden Eby's.

 New Jerusalem LDS Page

 Comments on Ed Decker's "The Godmakers" Film

 The Mormon Temple, the Christianization of the Hebrew Temple

 The Narrative of Zosimus   This is a third century apocryphal document that presents a familiar story to anyone who has read the Book of Mormon. Check it out and play "find the parallels"!

 Biblical Evidences for LDS Beliefs   Do the "17 Points of the True Church" make you want to hurl? Same here. Anyway, with the help of a couple other people I made up this list, which is hopefully not as pathetically infantile as the other one. (Can you tell I don't like the "17 Points"?) We tried to use only references that support LDS positions fairly solidly.

 The LDS Temple Endowment   A short introduction to this sacred LDS rite, using public statements of LDS general authorities.

 Mormonism and Masonry FAQ   by Jeff Lindsay. This essay shows how and why the LDS Temple is much more than "warmed over Masonry."

 Faith, Grace, and Works   This article sets out exactly what the main similarities and differences are between the LDS doctrine and that believed by most Protestants. Then it shows that the earliest Christian writers unanimously supported the LDS view.

 Faith, Grace, and Works   by Jeff Lindsay. This is a longer article contrasting the LDS view with that of Luther, and comparing both to the Bible.

 The Apostasy and the Doctrine of Baptism   from the Book of Abraham Project. Discusses how this particular doctrine changed after the apostasy.

 The Nature of the Spirit World   Joseph Smith preached some strange things about the spirit world for his day, but these doctrines would have been right at home in the early Christian Church!

 The Preaching Mission to the Dead   This was an important, if not essential, doctrine in the early Church.

 Baptism for the Dead   Here's a quick review of some of the best evidence for the practice in the early Church.

 Baptism for the Dead and the Book of Mormon   Critics of the LDS Church often ask why baptism for the dead isn't mentioned in the Book of Mormon, if it is supposed to contain the "fulness of the gospel". Also, they sometimes try to show that the Book of Mormon  actually contradicts the concept of baptism for the dead. Here's why they're wrong.

 Baptism for the Dead   by Jeff Lindsay. Here's another defense of the LDS practice.

 The Three Degrees of Glory and Outer Darkness   Joseph Smith provided many more details about the degrees of glory than are in the Bible, and we can find many of those same details in the writings of early Christians.

 The Nature of God and the Origin and Destiny of Man   This is a 10 page essay showing that various LDS beliefs about the nature of God and  the nature of mankind show up in the earliest forms of Christianity, while the corresponding doctrines in mainstream Christianity were later developments based on the wholesale adoption of pagan Greek philosophical tenets. Subjects covered include the Trinity, creation ex nihilo, pre-mortal existence, and deification.

 Why We Already Believe in the Trinity - But Not Your Trinity!   A reader asked me to respond to an article entitled "Why You Should Believe in the Trinity". Here it is, hot off the presses.

 The Trinity and the Nature of God   by Stephen E. Robinson. This is a chapter out of Robinson's book, Are Mormons Christians? Put on the web by the "All About Mormons" site.

 Tertullian on the Trinity   A reader asked me to respond to the charge that the mainstream doctrine of the Trinity was believed as early as Tertullian (ca. 200 A.D.) Well, it wasn't.

 Theophilus on the Trinity    Jeff Lindsay asked about Theophilus of Antioch's (ca. 181 A.D.) early use of the word "trias" which some translate as "trinity". I explain exactly what Theophilus did and didn't believe on this issue.

 More on Distinctions Within the Trinity   A reader wanted more sources for the early belief in the separateness of the members of the Godhead. He also had some misconceptions about what the real difference is between the LDS and mainstream Christian concepts of the Trinity. I try to clear that up here.

 The God of the Philosophers    Look at the ideas various Greek philosophers had about the nature of God, and then compare them with the mainstream Christian creeds!

 The Angel of God's Presence in Abraham 1:15-16   This article talks about the early Christian identification of Jesus with Yahweh, as well as the belief that Jesus was both a God and the "chief angel".

 Grandfather in Heaven?    Is there any early Christian support for Joseph Smith's teaching that God was once a man, and that our Father in Heaven has a Father, as well?

 No, Really - Gods!   A reader wanted me to respond to anti-Mormon charges that the early Christian Doctrine of deification was nothing ike our doctrine. Refer also to Gerald Smith's article below.

 The Doctrinal Exclusion   by Stephen E. Robinson. Covers deification and the plurality of Gods. This is a chapter from Robinson's Are Mormons Christians?

 The Divine Potential of Human Beings: The Latter-day Saint Perspective   by Jeff Lindsay. This is an essay on the LDS concept of God, and the potential of humans to become gods. Passages from the Bible and other early Christian sources are discussed.

 Trinity Joke   This was posted on the Free-Saints mailing list while we were discussing the Trinity. I almost died!

 The Apostasy Foretold   The apostles and prophets predicted a total apostasy from the truth.

 The Apostasy: A History of Rebellion   The apostles indicated that the predicted apostasy was happening even as they wrote!

 The Apostasy   from the Book of Abraham Project. This is a good summary article on evidence for the apostasy.

 Upon This Rock...   Did Jesus ever claim His earthly Church would survive?

 The Gates of Hell    A mainstream Christian takes issue with my interpretations in the above article and I respond.

 The Loss of Apostolic Authority   A defining characteristic of the true Church of Christ was lost by the end of the first century.

 The Rebellion Continues   Even after the apostles were gone, the rebellion against established authority continued. Eventually, the Church came under secular control.

 The Canonical or Biblical Exclusion   by Stephen E. Robinson. Shows the fallacy of excluding Mormonism from Christendom because we accept more books of scripture than are in the Bible. This is a chapter from Robinson's Are Mormons Christians?

 Thomas Brookbanks Masterful Analysis of Hebrew Idioms in the Book of Mormon   (PART 1 of 2) A Masterful and complete analysis of the
incredible Hebrewishness of the Book of Mormon, demonstrating once again, the ancientness of the Book of Mormon rather than being a 19th century

 Brookbank's Analysis of Hebrew Idioms in the Book of Mormon   (PART 2 of 2)

 Hebrew Idioms in the Book of Mormon

 Amazing Book of Mormon   Jan Sjodahl's analysis of the Gold Plates, their size, weight, etc., the Urim and Thummim and their use in translating the plates,
and some ideas on "Reformed Egyptian." An interesting compilation of notes on the Book of Mormon, which answers many criticisms still raised today by critics against the Book of Mormon

 Manuscript Found: The Solomon Spaulding manuscript discussion   he players, the issues, and comparisons between Spaulding Manuscript and the
Book of Mormon. Joseph F. Smith's excellent analysis and experience in finding the Spaulding manuscript and what it means for the Book of Mormon. Critics who constantly bring this up as a source are simply uninformed.

 Slaying of Laban in the Book of Mormon   Discusses the legal aspects as well as historicity of this episode and provides answers to Br. Clif's website
which has questions about the Book of Mormon

 Shiz, the Headless   George Reynolds, noted Early Mormon scholar, examines the Book of Mormon account of Shiz having his head smote off, and shows the
account entirely plausible and realistic.

 Authorship of Book of Mormon realistically Pointing to Joseph Smith?   John A. Widtsoe examines the evidence that Joseph Smith did not write the
Book of Mormon.

 Neglected Evidence: A Letter to the Editor of the Magazine, The Ancient American, June 1, 1994   I wrote this in response to some comments
made back in 1994. The editor never responded nor printed this, but I thought it brought up many good points concerning the serious desire for Mormon
scholars to put documents needed for study into the public's hands, beginning with Joseph Smith himself. The second issue I raised and discussed was
concerning many of the supposed problems that B.H. Roberts found concerning the Book of Mormon. Those problems have been addressed, but critics make it seem like they are still problems, so I rather extensively deal with some of them here.

 Why are Greek Names such as Lachoneus, Timothy, etc. in the Book of Mormon when they shouldn't be?   This question, often asked, has
recently received new light from archaeological and historical discoveries that critics are ignoring.

 Are the Anti-Mormon Tanners *THIS* Desperate?   Hold onto your hats, this'll bowl you over! John Tvedtnes updates us on the comical antics of anti's
in their desperate attempts at showing that ***ANYTHING*** but Joseph Smith's description of the translation process of the Book of Mormon will do, in fact, their assumption seems to be the dumber the theory and test, the more likely they are onto something. Absolutely side splitting funny!!! Cartoon by Kerry A. Shirts

 Ezekiel 37 "Sticks" as Books, Concerning the Book of Mormon   Discusses the historical and archaeological background and more full ancient world
view of what Ezekiel had in mind when he discussed sticks.

 The Astonishing Internal Consistency of the Book of Mormon   Analyzes the Book of Mormon in serious detail and depth on how it is internally
consistent with itself. Many evidences which are overlooked by Mormons and critics alike.

 Sharon's Anti-Mormon "Reformed Egyptian" Article Discussed   Sharon simply sidesteps the issue of "Reformed Egyptian" as well as the Book of
Mormon in the Arabian Penninsula.

 Why Can't We Just Prove the Book of Mormon True and Get it Over With Already?    Discusses the serious relevance of plausibility with
scholarly approaches to ancient texts and scripture. Russell Anderson also has some interesting thoughts on the notion of "proof" giving an excellent example
from mathematics, and what really decides proof in religious matters.

 Mesoamerican Archaeology, Metallurgy and the Book of Mormon   discusses the real Book of Mormon information on metallurgy as opposed to the
critics' view of what the Book of Mormon is supposedly saying.

 Jewish Synagogues in History, Archaeology, and the Book of Mormon   New analysis of information which critics are ignoring explaining in a rather
rational way the Jewish Synagogues in the Book of Mormon

 Is The Earthquake in 3rd Nephi Realistic?

 Truman G. Madsen's "Are Christians Mormon?"

H. Curtis Wright's Astonishing demonstration   of Archaeological patterns confirming the Book of Mormon Practice of Writing religious writings on
Metal Plates Anciently.

 John Sorenson's analysis of some bogus LDS claims   via archaeology and the Book of Mormon.

Let There Be Light(s), "Perfect" "Lights" - Illuminating the Urim & Thummim   Discussing the Urim & Thummim from ancient times, their
meanings and uses.

 Anti-Mormon Websites are still cheating with Polygamy issue supposedly contradicting itself between the Book of Mormon and the  D&C.

 Does the Book of Mormon Merely Plagiarize the Bible?    This response is by Hugh Nibley, to a letter to the editor was printed in the Church News
section of the Deseret News (29 July 1961): 10, 15. It was reprinted in Saints' Herald 108 (9 October 1961): 968-69, 975. It is a masterful analysis worthy of all critics' attention.

 Messianism in the Pseudepigrapha and Book of Mormon   James H. Charlesworth of Duke University, analyzes the concepts associated with the
Messiah from the ancient Jewish viewpoint, in two literatures. The Pseudepigrapha, and the Book of Mormon. Charelsworth's article was printed in Truman G.
Madsen, ed., Reflections on Mormonism: Judeo-Christian Parallels. The BYU Religious Studies Center Symposium held in 1984.

 External Evidences For the Scriptures - A Panel Discussion   This panel discussion was with Paul R. Cheesman, Noel B. Reynolds, Arthur Wallace, and
John Sorenson. The relationship with internal and external evidences for the scriptures was discussed, with emphasis on the Book of Mormon.

 Wordprints and Book of Mormon Multi-Authorship - New Materials & Evidence   This research and rebuttal by Russell C. McGregor is an answer
to the Tanner's newest attempt at refuting the Book of Mormon using Larson and Rencher's "Wordprint" Studies from the 1980's. Russell's fine refutation is a
reminder to us all that things are not set in concrete yet. I add a follow-up with the latest 1997 information on this fascinating subject.

 The Smithsonian Statement Analyzed in Light of Updated Knowledge of Archaeology   Time to update folks. Another outstanding and must see
source discussing the 1996 Smithsonian Statement is the phenomenal research of Jeff Lindsay.

 View of the Hebrews/Solomon Spaulding - Claimed Sources For the Book of Mormon   This article analyzes the View of Hebrews and Solomon
Spaulding theories of the origin of the Book of Mormon.

 Have You Witnessed To Jim Spencer Lately?   This analysis is a serious attempt at calling critics to their claims. Jim Spencer is not an "exhaustive
researcher." This review deals with Spencer's claims to objectivity while Mormons are subjective, as well as his argument against Joseph Smith, the Mormon view of the Bible, the Christian view of Textual Criticism, False Prophecies, Moonmen, Monotheism and Polytheism, Cults, The Journal of Discourses, etc. This is a good overview of most anti-Mormon critics who claim Mormon's views of the scriptures are all wrong.

Ideas in the Dead Sea Scrolls & Book of Mormon   concerning the idea of revelation to God's Prophets, A Pre-Christian Church, and other doctrines.

 Parallels With the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Book of Mormon - Authentic Ancient Historic Scriptures   Shows many dozens of similarities between
the wandering communities of Qumran, and the Book of Mormon peoples. Suggests an ancient origin for the Book of Mormon rather than a 19th century origin.

 Arguments Against Book of Mormon Archaeology Discussed - From Daniel C. Peterson's review of Peter Bartley   My ideas combined with
Daniel C. Peterson's review which discusses the Hebrew Language, why isn't it in America today or why was it never found in Mesoamerica? Cities in
Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon, and warfare in the Book of Mormon and the Used to be "Peaceful" Maya, now known to be the most warrior of any
ancient Mesoamericans. Book of Mormon correlations.

 Tel Arad, an Archaeological Discovery for the Bible and Book of Mormon   Here scholars have found Hebrew language written in Egyptian
characters, demonstrating historically as early as 600 B.C. that some groups of Jews were bilingual, with both Hebrew and Egyptian, which is reflected in the
Book of Mormon prophet, Nephi saying he was taught in the learning of the Jews, in the language of the Egyptians.

 B.H. Roberts & the Book of Mormon   Updated information on the issue of Roberts losing faith in the Book of Mormon.

Archaeology and Geography in Arabia and Book of Mormon   Lynn and Hope Hilton's epic journey through the Arabian Wilderness in the late 1980's
is here summarized into 34 succinct points in favor of the BofM. And right on par, the critics have failed miserably to consider the 34 points taken as a whole
demonstrating the BofM is remarkably accurate in even the minutest details.

 Gold Plates Used to Keep Religious Writings on in Ancient Times   Analyzes C. Wilfred Griggs discussion on the Greek Orphic Gold Plates with
Religious writings on them, including the Tree of Life Ideology.

 To Bee or Not to Bee, the Deseret Question of the Book of Mormon   This article discusses the ancient Historical aspects as well as theological
ramifications of "Deseret", the honeybee, and how it is interwoven in both the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price.

 Shakespeare O Dear! Book of Mormon Still -a- Stormin   Shows how various LDS scholars have demonstrated this claim is one of the very weakest
critics can use.

 Seeing Spots? Not Mongolian Spots in the Book of Mormon   A fairly detailed discussion concerning the supposed problem of the Mongolian Spot
and the Book of Mormon

 Philology and the Name Nephi - Genuine 600 B.C. Middle Eastern Name   Critics contend Joseph Smith stole the name Nephi from the apocrypha.
They might have a stronger point if Joseph Smith had had a Bible while he translated the Book of Mormon. New evidence shows Joseph Smith did not have a
Bible during the translation process. And now new evidence has been found that demonstrates rather powerfully that Nephi is a genuinely ancient Middle Eastern name in history!

 The Lehi Cave & The Book of Mormon   Discusses the non-Mormon scholars ideas of the Lehi Cave found outside of Jerusalem. The Book of Mormon
patterns are clearly present as is the correct time frame for this interesting bit of archaeology.

 Bar Kochba Discovery Sheds Light on Book of Mormon Authenticity   Discussing various aspects of the BofM military strategies, the famous name
of Alma as a male Jewish name as the BofM depicts, etc.

 The Lachish Letters: Archaeological Bullseye For the Book of Mormon   Archaeological evidence exists that shed light on the Book of Mormon
history. The Lachish Letters are the finest example I am aware of. These have everything in faovr of the first 40 pages of the Book of Mormon right down to the serious historic possibility of discovering who the BofM people, the Mulekites were.

 Scimeters in the Book of Mormon - a Nifty Touch!   Summarizing Paul Y. Hoskisson's analysis of Scimeters in the Book of Mormon - not an
anachronism as once thought.

 Did Joseph Smith just Plagiarize the Bible to Come up With the Book of Mormon?   Shows evidence that Joseph Smith *did not* have a Bible with
him while translating the BofM.

 Is Praying About the Book of Mormon of the Devil?   Looking into the Early Christians attitudes of prayer is useful to see how Christians are
*supposed* to believe and feel about prayer. We are told that to pray about the Book of Mormon is insidious and evil. This is a ridiculous stance.

 Notes Concerning Mesoamerican Archaeology and the Difficulties Involved   Critics have asked where is all the evidence for the Book of Mormon in
Mesoamerica? Perhaps they need to understand the more complex situation that actually exists.

 Ancient Jewish Festivals in the Book of Mormon - Some notes   Critics such as the Tanners, argue that if the Book of Mormon were really an ancient
book of Jewish religious history, it ought to have the Jewish festivals in it. They argue it doesn't. This argument I believe is based on a shallow understanding of the nature of the Book of Mormon, as these notes show. Jewish Festivals *are* in the Book of Mormon, the question is how?

 Is FARMS Simply Self-Referential? That is, do they just quote themselves and pat themselves on the back and ignore non-Mormon  scholarly works?   Critics claim this rather than really researching into FARMS materials. So, we have to do their homework for them, with the result that each and every time we do, things end up stronger for Mormonism. The evidence is here, but it is doubted that critics will be honest enough to admit it and quit name-calling and falsely accusing Mormon researchers. Oh well.

 STICK OF JOSEPH   The Book of Mormon as a Northern Israelite literary document

 THE NAME NEPHI  The name Nephi in Josephite Tradition

 Review of Charles Larson "By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus" Part 1 Part 1 deals with larson's idea that holy scripture such as the Book of Abraham is supposed to be could not in any way be connected with pagan documents such as the Joseph Smith Papyri.

 Review of "Egyptology and the  Book of Abraham  " Part 1    Review of the Dialogue article by LDS egyptologist Stephen Thompson.
Part 1  deals with the "Sons of Horus" in facsimiles 1 and 2. Part 2   deals with the ship representing the heavens in facsimile 2.   Part 3   deals with the Hathor Cow Goddess figure in facsimile 2.

 The "Council of the Gods" in Ancient Literature and the  Book of Abraham    The Book of Abraham presents a
rather strange picture of a "council of the gods" as part of the premortal existence. What have scholars learned since the publication of
the Book of Abraham concerning this gathering? Find out here!

 The "Angel of God's Presence" in Abraham 1:15-16  The "angel of his presence" was actually Jehovah
Himself? The Book of Abraham says so, and so did the earliest Israelite and Christian traditions!

 Abraham's Vision of the Pre-Existent Host   The Book of Abraham account of this vision is briefly compared
with that of the Apocalypse of Abraham, an apocryphal Jewish document unknown in Joseph Smith's day.

 Human Sacrifice in the  Book of Abraham   The Book of Abraham describes in some detail the Egyptian practice
of human sacrifice. Those same details can also be found in Jewish sources other than the Bible.

 Book of Jasher   and the  Book of Abraham Some critics have charged that Joseph Smith lifted the Book of
Abraham from the Book of Jasher, a Jewish apocryphal document he could have known about. While it is not surprising to LDS that
the Book of Abraham would have some parallels to such a document, Kerry shows why the contents of Jasher can actually account
for very little of Abraham.

 A Critical Analysis of the  Book of Abraham   in Light of Extra-Canonical Jewish Writings   by Rabbi Nissim Wernick. Rabbi
Wernick was the leader of the Synagogue in Salt Lake City, and he went to BYU to get a doctorate in Religious Education. While there
he became interested in the Book of Abraham, and decided to compare the extra-biblical details in the BofA to similar ideas found in
extra-canonical Jewish writings for his dissertation. I don't know that Rabbi Wernick ever became LDS, but this dissertation is still
striking confirmation of the Jewishness of the Book of Abraham - straight from a Jewish Rabbi. NOTE: This file is pretty huge.

 Abraham,Father of the Faithful, or the Pagan God Osiris?    Could Abraham actually have been connected with the Joseph Smith Papyri, including the Lion Couch scene in Facsimile 1? Kerry answers in the affirmative.

 The Ship in Facsimile 2 as the Throne of God   There's too much here to be explained away as a "coincidence".

 The "Star-Apes" of Facsimile 2: Egyptian Correlations   Can apes represent stars? Joseph Smith thought so, and
he was right!

  "Shinehah" as the Sun in  Abraham    An interesting example of an Egyptian word Joseph Smith nailed.

  A Joseph Smith Commentary on  the Book of Abraham

 The Joseph Smith History  Project   A history of the church.

 The Parallel Joseph

Teachings of the Prophet  Joseph Smith

 Diaries, journals and histories  of some early Mormons

 Dallin H. Oaks on historicity of the Book of Mormon

 The classic collection of doctrinal sermons   and statements of Joseph F. Smith Sr., 6th president of the LDS Church.

 Plan of Salvation Overview & BoM Overview

 Title Page of the BoM & Intro to the BoM

 Book of Mormon Translations

 BoM Themes

 D&C Vocabulary

LDS Seminary Files

 Volume 1   Anti-Mormon Claims Answered

 Volume 2   Anti-Mormon Claims Answered

 The Book of Mormon as "the most correct book" containing "the fulness of the gospel"   Anti-Mormon Claims Answered

 The Jupiter Talisman Myth   Anti-Mormon Claims Answered

 CARM and the Hurlbut Testimonies    Anti-Mormon Claims Answered

Summary of Errors found in "The God Makers"   Exposing "The God Makers"

 Anti-Defamation League Reaction   Exposing "The God Makers"

 NCCJ Advisory Report   Exposing "The God Makers"

 Virginia Regional Board of the NCCJ 1994 Statement   Exposing "The God Makers"

 A Brief History of Anti-Mormon Publications

 Top 10 Reasons to Love the Critic

 Answers to Submitted Questions

 President Hinckley's Answers  some of the most commonly asked questions

 LDS Historical Art and Photography   Paintings and photos of LDS historical subjects

 LDS Press Kit   Information from the Church Public Communications Department

 Statistics of the LDS Church - 2000   Church membership statistics, etc

 LDS Church Trivia   Miscellaneous Statistics about the LDS Church and General Authorities

 LDS Church Presidents   Pictures and information on all the Church Presidents

 Parables from the Prophets   Selected stories from General Conference talks

 Inspirational talks, and stories

 Inspirational Thoughts

 Policies of the LDS Church   LDS Church Policies and statements

 Proclamation on the Family   From the First Presidency of the church

 Relief Society Declaration   From the Relief Society Presidency

 Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments   This is a famous devotional speech by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  It was
delivered in 1988 when he was president of BYU, and discusses the sacred nature of sexual purity, and abstinence
before marriage.  Good for young and old.

Other Official Proclamations and Statements

Gospel Study Article  Assorted articles to complement the study of each standard work.

Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley   David Crockett has compiled this collection of quotes from over 200 talks by President Hinckley.

 Questions about the Book of Abraham

 Criticisms of the Book of Abraham   Another good paper from BOAP.

 The Book of Commandments   The Book of Commandments was the first attempt to publish the revelations given by the Lord to Joseph Smith. This complete text notes all the revisions Joseph made to the revelations before republishing them two years later in the Doctrine and Covenants.

 An Interview with Elder Neal A. Maxwell   This interview, conducted by professor and commentator Hugh Hewitt, was broadcast on PBS during the summer of 1996 as part of the series Searching for God In America.

 David O. McKay on Stewardship   President McKay reveals specifics about our interview with the Savior at the Final Judgment.

 "For a Wise Purpose": the Structure of the Book of Mormon   An outline study of the various sets of plates that made up the Book of Mormon.

 How Jesus Is Both the Father   A surface reading of the Book of Mormon has mistakenly led some to believe it teaches a Trinitarian God. This essay explains one key passage—Mosiah 15:1-5—and reconciles it to modern-day revelation on the subject.

 Searching the Scriptures   Important questions and answers about our relationship to the holy  scriptures.

 Exploring the Different Facets of Womanhood Through the Teachings of the Latter-day Prophets   A Mother's Day tribute to the remarkable women of the Church.

 Becoming a Disciple of Christ   Six key elements of discipleship that will increase our joy in this life, and help us rejoice in the assurance of our eternal life.

 Changes in Joseph Smith's Early Revelations   For over 160 years, critics of "Mormonism" have accused Joseph Smith of making changes to his early revelations between the printing of the 1833 Book of Commandments and the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants. In this scholarly work, Brother Melvin J. Petersen examines what changes Joseph made to his revelations and his reasons for making them. During this exploration, Petersen builds a fascinating explanation of how revelation is received and recorded by the prophets.

 Preparing Early Revelations for  Publication   Melvin Petersen's 1985 Ensign article  which summarizes the differences between the Book of Commandments and the Doctrine and Covenants.

 Changes in Early Texts of the Book of Mormon   Some passages in the Book of Mormon underwent changes between editions. In this article, Stan Larson effectively responds to charges that the changes were intended to cover up errors in the text.

 The Book of Mormon and the Fulness of the Gospel   If the Book of Mormon contains the "fulness of the gospel" (D&C 20:8-9), why doesn't it contain some of the unique LDS doctrines? This study defines the term "fulness" and demonstrates that the Book of Mormon does mention many advanced doctrines of our faith.

 The "Reachout Trust" Files   A complete collection of my  (Mike Parker) correspondence with representatives of a British  anti-Mormon group. Topics range from changes in LDS scripture to salvation to Joseph Smith's position relative to Jesus Christ. Includes my letters and their replies.

 Moses Also Had Murmurers...   Bothered by the fact that Joseph Smith and other latter-day prophets have made mistakes? This document, recently discovered by John Tvedtnes, describes some of the stuff that Old Testament prophets had to put up with!

 Solving the Christian Puzzle   This recently-translated tract from the first century A.D. sheds light a small cult who claimed to be the true religion.

 What About the Adam-God Theory?   LDS writer Van Hale reviews the Adam-God theory and refutes anti-Mormon and "fundamentalist" Mormon arguments that it was an authoritative doctrine.

 The Book of Mormon: Some Simple Tests   A selection from the writings of Hugh Nibley: "The History of Tibet," "The Parable of the Diamond," and "The Moral of the Story." Nibley demonstrates how the critics of the Book of Mormon refuse to confront the mere existence of the book.

 "The Unwritten Order of Things"   President Boyd K. Packer explains some important principles of Church organization and government, the "ordinary things about the Church which every member should know."

 "What We Believe"   Robert L. Millet, dean of Religious Education and professor of ancient scripture at BYU, explains the Latter-day Saint position on additional scripture, men and women becoming like God, salvation by grace, and Mormons as Christians. A great resource if you sometimes struggle to define our theology, or if you have non-LDS friends who want to understand our more advanced doctrines.

 "Are Mormons Christians?"   Dr. Stephen E. Robinson's definitive book on this question is now on line. Dr. Robinson examines and refutes the six criteria anti-Mormons use to exclude us from Christianity. One of the best books you'll ever read on this subject!

 "The Authorship of the Book of Mormon"   Noel B. Reynolds, BYU professor of political science and former president of FARMS, explores some of the current research into the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

 The LDS Radio Network   Listen over the Internet with RealPlayer software.

 Criticism Studies  by Michael R. Ash

 Anti’sEnter Here   very funny little page.

 Glossaryof Apologetic Terminology

 MormonMyths   Is It REAL Mormon Doctrine or is it Memorex?

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Prophesies Unfulfilled  Until Now?

 Praise to the man   There are those outside the LDS faith who have the erroneous impression that we worship Joseph Smith in much the same way Catholics worship the Virgin Mary. Worse yet, there are some who believe that we honor and revere Joseph Smith more than we do Jesus Christ. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we find such opinions misinformed at best and viciously ignorant at worst.

 The Most Correct Book on Earth

 Was Joseph Smith a Martyr?

 The Bible and the Book of Mormon   Totally from the Bible, to support the Book of Mormon and all LDS doctrines.

 Galatians 1:8   How can the Mormons justify this verse, with the story of the angel Moronhi? Like Paul wondered how it was possible for the saints to move from a Gospel to another doctrine, I  too  wonder, that after years of debates and explanations, still our "friends" are frozen on this verse that nothing has to share with the story of Moronhi. Let's see why.

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 The Holy Ghost   Matthew 12:31: "Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy
Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men."  What a declaration!


 The Spirit of God

 Our God is One

 The great Jehovah

 Teach us to pray   What Jesus taught us about prayer.

The Light of Christ

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 Andrus, D. Calvin -- Talks and Lessons

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 Black Mormons & the Priesthood - Frequently Asked Questions

Eyring-L FAQ: Evolution

 The Prayer   The celestial source is the only way to communicate with our Father in heaven directly, through the only mediator given to us, Jesus Christ. This wonderful device is based on the faith and the free agency.

 Resurrection   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints believe in the literal resurrection of the body.

 Adam   Almost all Christian religions teach that Adam committed a sinful act which brought about the fall of man. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, on the other hand, respect Adam as one of the most righteous people in all of human history. Because of this, some say that we go so far as to
worship him as God, but this is not true.

 Principles of Progress

 Baptism   The word baptism is a Greek word, therefore is impossible to find the word baptism in the old testament because it was written in old Hebrew It means
immersion and the meaning of the baptism it is not only the death in Adam and the resurrection in Jesus, but even the meaning to purify ourselves from our

 Thy Kingdom Come  "Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him. But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness" (Matthew 3:13-15).

 The Plan   "And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him" (John 9:1-3)

The Gift of Free Agency   The prophet Nephi explained, "Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great mediation of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil" (2 Nephi 2:26,27).

 The Kingdoms of God   "Wherefore, he saves all except them [the sons of perdition] -- they shall go away into everlasting punishment, which is endless punishment, which is eternal punishment, to reign with the devil and his angels in eternity" (D&C 76:44).

The Blessings of Obedience  Let's look at what the scriptures say to better understand why keeping the commandments are important to make us free.   In 2 Nephi 2:26 we read, "And the Messiah cometh in the fullness of time, that he may redeem the children of men from the fall. And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever," Elder Talmage explained, "Atonement is for all mankind it is the message of freedom from sins and its consequences it is the flag of liberty."

 The Sting of Death   In section 81 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord said, "And if thou art faithful unto the end thou shalt have a crown of immortality, and eternal life in the mansions which I have prepared in the house of my Father" (vs 6).

 A Living Prophet   It is incredible how God with simple means could obtain great performances. For the same principle it is enough simple wisdom to discover great truths. The Lord always used simple things to solve great (for mankind) problems. Liahona in the desert, little stone for the brother of Jared, or to wash in the Jordan river to heal from leprosy. All of this to represent that the power of God is not to be identified like mankind would like :powerful signs and powerful means. God act with simplicity because is power is the simplest power to use. What about the wisdom that God prefers? According to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 2:5-13

 Our Brother's Keeper   Jesus told His disciples, "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works" (Matthew 16:27).

 The Fall of Man   "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned"(Romans 5:12). "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive" (1 Corinthisans 15:22).

 The Goal of Life   What is the purpose of life? What happens to us when we die? What is sin? Why does God give us commandments?

Why Jesus Had to Shed His Own Blood?

 A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit   The doctrine of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, connected with atonement is a special doctrine of the Book of Mormon. In the Bible is spoken regarding repentance like base to wash our sins in the blood of the Lamb, but it is in the book of Mormon that it is clearly explained the principle and the symbolism of this concept.. Not only mankind should use this but like we will see the whole creation. When Jesus was on the cross this was a feeling that invade not only who loved Him tenderly like His mother to who is written that her heart was broken from a sword  but even the Temple in its heart was rent.

 Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching Resources

 A Photograph of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.   The photograph is believed to be a copy of an original daguerreotype taken of Joseph Smith Jr. in Nauvoo just before his death in 1844. It has caused a lot of excitement among researchers who study the image of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

 Joseph Smith The Prophet

 Joseph Smith, Tarred and Feathered

 Joseph Smith Teachings

 All Prophets Knew, Testified of Him

 Fulfilled Prophecies of Joseph Smith

 Joseph Smith's First Vision Accounts

The J.E.Neumann Institute   Gospel Doctrine lesson,  provides Doctrine and Covenants and unique BoM lesson formats

 The Book of Mormon   The Book of Mormon is the most unusual scripture in the way the original record was kept, preserved, and translated. It is unique in its content; no other scripture is so miraculous in character. No other scripture is so misunderstood and misinterpreted as the Book of Mormon. It is considered by many to be a history of the American Indian, a guide to archaeology of the Americas, and/or pure dictation from God. It is none of these. We should let the Book speak for itself.

 The pearl of great price   The Book of Mormon was given from the Lord for the convincing of both the Jews and the Gentiles that "Jesus is the Christ". The volume of scriptures known as the Doctrine and Covenant is a book that unites the teachings of the Savior with the ordinances and organization of the gospel. This we clearly understand. But why did the Lord give us the book of Abraham? This is a good question.

Father Lehi   The greatest and clearest prophesies regarding the Book of Mormon are found in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel. Ezekiel, who was a priest of the family of Zadok, was taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar along with Israel's king, Jehoiachim in 598 B.C. According to Biblical scholars he prophesied to the Jews
for 22 years (592-570 B.C.) during his time in captivity. This would have made him a contemporary of not only the prophet Jeremiah but also of Lehi. As
such, it is possible that Lehi, Ezekiel and Jeremiah either knew each other or knew of one another. Because of this possibility, let's take a closer look at
what Ezekiel prophesied.

 Multi-Dimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon

 Prophesies in names   The scriptures: a Jewel case full of wonderful surprises.

 The Story of Mormon   The story of how we came to have the Book of Mormon is well know from countless retellings of the angel Moroni's visits to Joseph Smith and the translation made from plates of gold found buried under a large rock on a hill in upstate New York. It is also well known that the Book of Mormon is an abridged, or shortened account of a group of people known as the Nephites, written by a man named Mormon who made his record from the more fuller records which were in his possession.

 Lehi's Trail   Lehi's Trail is a non-profit educational and research foundation conducting research and fostering education relating to the Book of Mormon and other sacred scriptures.

 "And It Came To Pass" in the Book of Mormon, Bible and Mayan Hieroglyphs   Apparently, the Maya people, who lived in Southeast Mexico and Guatemala, may have adopted the phrase "and it came to pass." Recent discoveries in the translations of the glyphs of the 7th Century AD Maya ruins of Palenque manifest the phrase "and then it came to pass" and "it had come to pass." Recently, another glyph has been interpreted as "and it shall come to pass."

 The purpose of the Book of Mormon

 Word of wisdom   Why do the Mormons abstain wine, when Christ was also drinking it? To answer this question it is right that we first answer another.  Why the Word of Wisdom? What is its origin?

 Word of Wisdom Commentary

 Frequently Asked Questions on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

 Aaron: Brother of Moses   Aaronic Priesthood

 Aaronic Priesthood: Restoration

 Administering Sacrament   The words of a Living Prophet




 To Young Men of the Priesthood   President Ezra Taft Benson General Conference, April 1986; Priesthood Session

 The Apostasy & Restoration   Questions about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ

 The Apostasy, Part II   The organization, ordinances, and doctrine of Christ's church changed dramatically during the years immediately after the death of the apostles, necessitating the predicted restoration of the Lord's Gospel.

 Establish the Cause of Zion   Hyrum Smith is told by the Lord through his brother, the prophet, to "say nothing but repentance unto this generat" (D&C 11:9).

 Restoration   Restoration:  The words of a Living Prophet

 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ   The reasons for the creation, Christ's Atonement, and the need for a restoration of the gospel

 What do Latter-day Saints believe a person must do to be saved?   Joseph Smith wrote in 1842: "We believe that through  the Atonement of Christ , all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of
 the Gospel" ( Articles of Faith  1:3).

 The Gospel of Jesus Christ   "Jesus Christ and his apostles and prophets have repeatedly announced the "good news" or "gospel" that by coming to Christ, a person may be saved. The Father is the author of the gospel, but it is called the gospel of Jesus Christ because, in agreement with the Father's plan, Christ's Atonement makes the gospel operative in human lives. Christ's gospel is the only true gospel, and "there shall be no other name given nor any other way nor means whereby salvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent" (Mosiah 3:17; cf. Acts 4:12)." Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

Joining the Church "Converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have various motivations for their initial interest in the Church, and many factors influence them in the conversion process." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 The First Principles of the Gospel The first principles and ordinances of the gospel are "first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost" Articles of Faith 4.

 The Plan of Salvation   "Latter-day Saints believe that eons ago, God, in his infinite wisdom and never-ending mercy, formulated a plan whereby his children could experience a physical existence, including mortality, and then return to live in his presence in eternal felicity and glory." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Faith in Christ   "Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ (A of F 4). One who has this faith believes him to be the living Son of God, trusts in his goodness and power, repents of one's sins, and follows his guidance." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Repentance   "Repentance is the process by which humans set aside or overcome sins by changing hearts, attitudes, and actions that are out of harmony with God's teachings, thereby conforming their lives more completely to his will." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Baptism   "Latter-day Saints believe, as do many Christians, that baptism is an essential initiatory ordinance for all persons who are joining the Church, as it admits them to Christ's church on earth (John 3:3-5; D&C 20:37, 68-74). " Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost    "Baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost refers to the experience of an individual who receives the ordinance of the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is the second in a two-part sequence following baptism by immersion in water through which a repentant person committed to Christ and his gospel is born of God or born again." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Born of God    "Born of God or "born again" refers to the personal spiritual experience in which repentant individuals receive a forgiveness of sins and a witness from God that if they continue to live the commandments and endure to the end, they will inherit eternal life." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Conversion  "From its beginnings to the present day, the Church has had a strong missionary orientation. It teaches that conversion is essentially a process of repentance and personal spiritual experience." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Discipleship  "Like many other Christians, Latter-day Saints believe that only the transformational discipleship of those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ leads to a fulness of joy and peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Enduring to the End   "Enduring to the end, or remaining faithful to the laws and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout life, is a fundamental requirement for salvation in the kingdom of God." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Abrahamic Covenant   "The divine archetypal covenant, of which Abraham's covenant is an example, is the everlasting covenant of the gospel of Jesus Christ. By accepting the gospel, humankind can be redeemed from the doom of death and the blight of sin to enjoy eternal life with God." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Gospel of Abraham   "The gospel dispensation of Abraham includes the patriarchal order of the priesthood and the eternal marriage covenant (D&C 131:1-4; 132:28-30)

 Latter-day Covenant Israel   "God established a covenant with Abraham, reaffirming it with Isaac and Jacob and then with the children of Israel. In the LDS view, this covenant has been renewed repeatedly and then breached, largely because God's people, after receiving his commandments and promises, have fallen into apostasy and disbelief. Today, as prophesied anciently, this covenant has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and is included in the new and everlasting covenant of the gospel (D&C 22:1; cf. Jer. 31:31-34; 32:36-40)." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 The Elect of God   "The elect of God are those who are heirs to all that the Father has." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Dispensations of the Gospel   "'Dispensations' are also time periods in which the Lord placed on the earth the necessary knowledge, priesthood, and keys of authority to implement his Plan of Salvation for his children." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Fullness of the Gospel   "The phrase "fulness of the gospel" refers to the whole doctrine of redemption demonstrated and taught in the ministry and life of Jesus Christ." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 The True Points of My Doctrine  Noel B. Reynolds explains what the Book of Mormon teaches about the six-point formula or message of the gospel (about what men must do if they will be saved.)

 Missionary Work   "The mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to invite everyone to come to Christ. This includes a mandate to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 "Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ"   Conference address by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

 Atonement    The words of a Living Prophet

 Atonement   Statements by Church Leaders

 The Atonement   The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the foreordained but voluntary act of the Only Begotten Son of God.

 The Atonement   A conference address by Russel M. Nelson, Apostle

 Atonement   Pres. Benson's Teachings

 The Atonement of Jesus Christ   by Elder Bruce R. McConkie

 It's a Wonderful Life   An opportunity to count our belssings for freedom, the gospel, and most profoundly, for Christ's Atonement.

 Justification   Quotations from church leaders  (Atonement)

Parable of the Unwise Bee   by Elder James E. Talmage   (Atonement)

 Repentance: The Law of    Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ: It is no painless remedy.

Sanctification   Quotations from church leaders

 Sanctification   That man may see God

 Sanctification   Sanctification is the process of becoming a saint, holy and spiritually clean and pure, by purging all sin from the soul. Latter-day Saint scriptures mention several factors that make sanctification possible.

 The Saving Power of the Atonement   Martin Harris asks to know where he stands with the Lord in the light of his sins. He is reassured that he can be saved through the atoning sacrifice of the Savior.

 The Temple and the Atonement

 Authority   The LDS belief has been well stated by President Joseph F. Smith: "As to the question of authority, nearly everything depends upon it. No
ordinance can be performed to the acceptance of God without divine authority. No matter how fervently men may believe or pray, unless they are endowed
with divine authority they can only act in their own name, and not legally nor acceptably in the name of Jesus Christ, in whose name all things must be done"
(Smith, p. 102).

 Blacks in the Church   The history of black membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be divided between the era from 1830 to June 1978 and the period since then.

 Revelation on Priesthood   by Elder Bruce R. McConkie Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

 Blacks and the Priesthood   Why were blacks denied the priesthood for so long?

 Are Mormons Prejudiced?    "[Jesus Christ] inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen; and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile" (The Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 26:33).

 Official Declaration 2   Declaration 2 revealed that the "long-promised day has come when every faithful, worthy man in the Church may receive the holy priesthood." This "priesthood revelation" made it possible for all worthy males to be ordained to all levels of the priesthood. Previously black members of the Church had been denied the priesthood, which precluded their holding priesthood callings and participation in most temple ordinances.

 Callings   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organized to benefit all who participate, and all are expected to assist in its labors.

 Church Callings    The words of a Living Prophet

 Church Callings    How much to ask; How much to accept.

 Church Callings   Statements by Church Leaders

 Commitment   Gordon B. Hinckley on Commitment

 History of the Office of Bishop

 Ministering of Angels   The words of a Living Prophet

 The Oath & Covenant of the Priesthood   All who magnify their callings in the priesthood shall receive all that the Father has.

 Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood   Among the most important covenants is the oath and covenant of the priesthood, a set of mutual promises between God and those who receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. Doctrine and Covenants 84:33-42 states the obligations involved, affirming the rewards that will be given to those who faithfully discharge their oath, and confirming the consequences of breaking this covenant.

 Patriarchal Blessings   If a Latter-day Saint has lost their Patriarchal Blessing, they may write Church Headquarters and request another copy.  Your Bishop can give you the necessary information.

 Patriarchal Order   To Latter-day Saints, the patriarchal order of the priesthood is the organizing power and principle of celestial family life. It is the ultimate and ideal form of government. It answers the query of Elder Parley P. Pratt: "Who can endure to be forever banished and separated from father, mother, wife, children and every kindred affection and from every family tie?" (Pratt, Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 23 [Apr. 1932]:59).

 Power of the Priesthood   by President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency

 The Power of the Priesthood   Defining the Priesthood's Power

 PPI with the Savior   David O. McKay outlines an interview we're to have with the Savior when we will account for our stewardships here on earth.

 Priesthood  Statements made by church leaders

 Priesthood   God is at the helm.

 The Priesthood   Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Priesthood Authority   The words of a Living Prophet

 Priesthood Covenant   The words of a Living Prophet

 The Priesthood Organization   The orderly lay of priesthood responsibilities at several levels,

 Priesthood Revelation   The words of a Living Prophet

 A Revelation on the Priesthood: D & C Section 84   Given on September 22-23, 1832, at Kirtland, Ohio, section 84 was first published as Chapter IV in the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. It is called a revelation on priesthood and was given in the presence of six elders who had just returned from their missions to the eastern states. The revelation has four main themes.

 The Role of Men in the Church   For men in THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, the ideal example of manhood is Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind. There is no substitute. All men must transcend cultural biases and variations when they decide to pattern themselves after the Son of God, who is the complete representative of the Father. LDS men ideally strive to follow Christ by serving family and fellow beings through love, work, priesthood callings, instruction, and example.

 Sacrament Meetings   The words of a Living Prophet

 Service to a Marvelous Work   The Lord expects us to serve with all our "heart, might, mind, and strength" (D&C 4:2).

 The Source of Priesthood Authority  Where does the power to act in God's name come from?

 Stewardship   Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, Martin Harris, William W. Phelps, John Whitmer were appointed to get the Book of Commandments printed as well as the Book of Mormon. Their responsibility in that assignment is clearly defined in section 70, of the Doctrine & Covenants.

 Succession in the Presidency

 To the Single Adult Brethren of the Church   A talk by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson

 Who May Steady the Ark?   Only those with the authority to do so may take earthly charge of heavenly things.

 Baptism   The words of a Living Prophet

 Baptism   A discussion of the Third Principle of the Gospel

 Baptism   Statements made by church leaders

 Baptism by Water and by the Spirit   A basic explanation

 The Baptism of Christ   Why was Christ, who was sinless, baptized and what do we learn from His example?

 The Baptism of Water  From The Immortality and Eternal Life of Man, a book by Allen W. Leigh about the basics of the gospel of Jesus Christ

 Covenants   A covenant is a formalized bond between two parties, like a contract, implying commitment from both sides. Our covenants with God are therefore profoundly important.

 Covenants   Statements made by church leaders


Questions about Baptism: Necessary? Biblical? How Performed?

Obedience   Obedience is an eternal principle. Baptism, the gateway to Eternal Life, is a covenant made to keep the Lord's commandments.

 Remission of Sins   Forgiveness from God

 Worthiness   Statements made by church leaders

 Grains Of Salt   the site contains original scriptural application written by Brent. They are meant to teach members of the church to "liken the scriptures unto themselves". Instead of reading a scripture and trying to apply it to a life situation, he shows that life can be lived in accordance with the scriptures.

 LDS Missionary Helper This site has collected wisdom, thoughts, and experiences on making the most of the Lord's time. Great  Page!!!

 Who's Who in the Book of Mormon   Almost every person referenced in the Book of Mormon is listed on this page

 NICK LITERSKI'S LATTER-DAY SAINT TEMPLE HOMEPAGE   This website is dedicated to Bro. Literski’s favorite topic--the Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

 LDS Resources   Links to LDS-related Web sites.

Quetzalcoatl: Papers   a set of papers that comprise work in progress on Quetzalcoatl. I have been working on that fascinating deity for over 20 years, and find that I might as well get this information in a location where someone might have a chance to use it.

 Interactions with Non-Israelite Populations in the Book of  Mormon   An analysis of the archeological background and internal evidence for non-Israelite populations and their effect on the Book of Mormon.

 Playing the Second Stone: Can Archaeology Prove the  Book of Mormon?   Before attempting to understand the real world context of the Book of Mormon it is important to know what we might possibly learn from dirt archaeology.

 Were the Lehites Alone in the Land?   One of the questions about the Book of Mormon text is its relationship to the known populations of native Americans that were present on the western hemisphere before and during Book of Mormon times. Does the Book of Mormon  acknowledge these other peoples? Why doesn't it clearly discuss them?

 Social History of the Nephites During Nephi's Reign.   While necessarily speculative, this article examines the composition of the Nephites and the Lamanites at the time of their division into two factions. In particular, it examines the probabilities of the explanation of the "others" who went with Nephi.

 Searching for Reformed Egyptian and Language  Information in the Book of Mormon   A discussion of what reformed Egyptian might have been, according to the text of the Book of Mormon. Rather than resolve questions, it is intended to redefine the problem of language in the Book of Mormon.

 Examining the Historical and Cultural Context of the Book  of Mormon   This is a short discussion of the presumptions and criteria I bring to the analysis of the Book of Mormon. All authors have some underlying guidelines for the way they approach an issue, I make mine explicit here.

 Converting Father Alma   The mission of Abinidi is examined and found to be directed to Alma the Elder.

 Nephi's Assumptions about the Tree of Life   This paper examines the cultural background of Tree of Life mythology in the Middle East to understand what understanding Nephi would bring to the Tree of Life vision.

 A Tale of Two Stones   An examination of the textual history of the Urim and Thummim in the Book of Mormon.

 Zarahemla on the Periphery   The recent decipherment of epi-Olmec script has implications for the Book of Mormon, both favorable and questionable. On the one hand, the timing and history of the epi-Olmec tradition fits with Book of Mormon descriptions. On the other, however, the linguistics of the epi-Olmec don't match the accepted naming conventions of the Jaredites.

 Assessing the Evidence for the Translation Method   The original manuscript has been mined for information about the way in which the Book of Mormon was translated. These findings are analyzed, along with the evidence presented by the Isaiah textual variants in the Book of Mormon.

 Digging for Quetzalcoatl's Christian Roots This paper examines the specific elements of the Quetzalcoatl mythology which have been cited as possible memories of a pre-contact Christian preacher. In Mormon tradition, this has been equated with the Book of Mormon visit by Jesus Christ. The paper discusses each element for the probably pre-contact version of the mythological element and finds no connection with any foreigner. The paper also examines the methodologies typically used by LDS apologists to show why this analysis differs from their findings.

 The Baptism of Fire in the New Testament   The contexts of the baptism of fire in the New Testament are different from the commonly accepted usage that equates the baptism of fire with the Holy Ghost. This essay examines the New Testament texts and contexts for the meaning in the New Testament.

 If I've Told You Once...: Counts and Estimates in the Book  of Mormon   There are several occasions when people are counted in the Book of Mormon. The numbers used suggest that they are both estimates and perhaps actual counts, although even the numbers that appear to be actual counts raise some questions. The article also speculates about the nature of the numbering system that generated the numbers we have in the Book of Mormon.











 Chapman LDS Resource LDS Links

 My LDS Notes on the Trinity   studies on the Trinity Doctrine.

 Daniel Rona   Israel Revealed Supplemental Information for New Testament Studies -- Commentary prepared by Daniel Rona, the only LDS licensed tour
guide in Israel. For more than twenty years he has been teaching the Old and New Testaments in tours more than thirty times a year. He was born and lives
in Israel. As an active LDS member, Brother Rona combines his gospel knowledge and Jewish insight to bring the tribes of "Joseph" and "Judah" closer
together. He is an American, an Israeli, a Mormon and a Jew.

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 The Eternal Rounds

 People of the Doctrine & Covenants

 Places where D&C revelations were received

 Story of the Doctrine and Covenants

How the Revelations in the D&C Were Received and Compiled

Preparing Early Revelations for Publication    D & C

 Preface to the 1835 edition   D & C

 Revelation Guided the Prophet   D & C

 Latter-day Revelation   D & C

 Heroic Rescues   D & C

 Beyond the Veil: Two Latter-day Revelations

 Development of the Doctrine and Covenants

 A Written Covenant

 Testimony of Addison Everett on the Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood


Blood Atonement and the Origin of Plural Marriage

 Lectures on Faith

 A Study of the Nature of and the Significance of the Changes in the Revelations as Found in a Comparison of the Book of Commandments and
 Subsequent Editions of the Doctrine and Covenants

 Joseph Smith, Jun.'s INSPIRED VERSION of the BIBLE

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 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ   "When Latter-day Saints speak of the "restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ" they refer primarily to the restoration that has occurred in the latter days, establishing the dispensation of the fulness of times (Eph. 1:10; D&C 27:13). However, there have been a number of restorations of the gospel over the history of the earth." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Why did the true Church of Christ need to be restored?   Shortly after the death of the original apostles, there was a general apostasy in the early Christian Church. Most members of the Church turned away from the true gospel and persecuted the faithful remainder. The organization ceased to be led by God.

 Apostasy from the Original Church of Christ   Gerald A. Smith discusses What is the Great Apostasy?, Foretelling of the Great Apostasy in the Bible, Statements by the Great Christian Reformers on the Apostasy, and Predictions of a Restoration of the Gospel.

 Restoration of All Things   "The concept of a restoration of all things is biblical and is frequently spoken of in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Peter spoke of the anticipated "times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began" (Acts 3:21)."  Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Visitations of Moroni   "From 1823 to 1829, the angel Moroni 2 appeared at least twenty times to Joseph Smith and others. Those appearances opened the way for the translation and publication of the Book of Mormon and laid the foundation of many of the Church's most characteristic teachings." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Faith Once Delivered to the Saints -- What Happened to it?   Robert Starling gives a brief outline of the Apostacy and Restoration.

 Book of Mormon Peoples

 Cumorah   "Cumorah in the Book of Mormon refers to a hill and surrounding area where the final battle between the Nephites and Lamanites took place, resulting in the annihilation of the Nephite people (see Book of Mormon Peoples)....The more common reference to Cumorah among Latter-day Saints is to the hill near present-day Palmyra and Manchester, New York, where the plates from which the Prophet Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon were
 found." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Christopher Columbus   "Latter-day Saints generally regard Columbus as having fulfilled a prophecy contained early in the Book of Mormon." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Elias   "Elias is both a name and a title and has four meanings..." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Spirit of Elias   "The "spirit of Elias" is a LDS concept that refers to the preparatory power that initiates gospel restoration following periods of apostasy." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Gold Plates   Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from a record engraved on thin goldlike sheets.

 LDS Church News

 Salvation from Physical Death   Our Heavenly Father has given us this mortal life to enable us to become more like him. There are two major obstacles to this goal. The first is physical death--the separation of the spirit from the physical body. Although the spirit continues to live on, the imperfect, mortal body dies. This physical death is overcome through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Resurrection is the reuniting of the spirit with a glorified, immortal body. Because of Christ, all of us will be resurrected.

 Salvation from Sin   The second major obstacle to our becoming like our Heavenly Father is sin. To enable us to grow, God has made us free to choose between good and evil., between obeying or disobeying him. To act against the will of God is to commit sin and become unclean. Sin leads to unhappiness in this life and after this life.  Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed from sin and become worthy to return to our Father. Jesus also taught us what we must do to make his atonement effective for us personally. These steps are the first principles and ordinances of the gospel.

 THE WORD OF GOD   A closer look at who wrote the Bible and why.

 THE INTERPRETATION THEREOF    How to discern the meaning of scriptures.

 MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING.   A look at the earth's creation.

 THE CHURCH WHICH CHRIST BUILT.   What the Bible says about church organization.

 OUR GOD IS ONE   Is there one God or three?

 THE SON OF MAN   Who was Jesus?

 BY THEIR FRUITS   How does God speak to man?

 ADAM - THE FIRST   A look at what kind of people Adam and Eve were.

 WHY IS THERE A DEVIL?   The role of Satan in the plan of salvation.

 THE ROLE OF WOMEN   Understanding a women's role in the plan of salvation.

 FALLING FROM GRACE.   Is it possible to lose one's salvation?

 IS IT BY FAITH OR BY WORKS?   The relationship between faith and works.

 TO THE GLORY OF GOD.   Learning how to glorify God.

 THE WORK OF THE LORD.    Considering what it takes to be saved.

 THE GIFT OF SALVATION.   How is the gift of salvation obtained?

 WORTHY OF THE LORD.   What the Bible says about worthiness.

 THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE?   A look at what happened in Gethsemane.

 THE PROBLEM WITH DEATH   Understanding why must we die.

 OH GRAVE WHERE IS THY VICTORY?   What is the resurrection all about?

 WHAT HAPPENED ON THE DAY OF PENTACOST?   Understanding how the Holy Ghost is received.

 THE STANDARD   Defining a cult.

 EXTERNAL EVIDENCE   Three missionary fireside talks.

 GOD - OUR TRAINER.   The difference between predestination and foreordination

 THE LAW OF REPENTANCE.    Understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ.

 THE STILL SMALL VOICE.   The role of the Holy ghost.

 THE WAR IN HEAVEN   Understanding what the war in heaven was all about.

 EYE HATH NOT SEEN.   A look at what is involved with the resurrection.

 A WISE AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.   The reward of the righteous

 THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES.   A look at our second estate.

 THE ROAD TO GODHOOD.   Considering what it takes to become exalted.

 SOMETHING TO PONDER.   An interesting question to think about.

 SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD.   Learning how to study the scriptures.

 STORIES   collection of Church History Stories

 QUOTES   collection of Quotes and excerpts on religious themes

TEACHINGS   collection of Gems from the Teachings of the Prophets

 LEADERS   Some information about the General Authorities of the Church

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 Read The Easter Story!

 What is the Book of Mormon?   The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ is just what the title infers it is another Testament of the Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Savior was and is a perfect being, one of our Lord's attributes is that He is no respector of persons-this means that he loves all his children that come unto him and follow him.

 April 6, 1980 Proclamation of the Church   A reaffirmation of the leadership's commitment to the gospel at the time of the sesquicentennial of the founding of the church.

 Articles of Faith   Statements made by church leaders

Back to Basics  Statements made in various general conferences since 1922.

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   A straight forward non-critical description of the basic elements of the Church by a non-member. I found it fairly accurate with a few exceptions, and very interesting.

 Constitution of the Church   Section 20 presents the basic teachings of the Church.

 Constitution of the Church   Few religious doctrines are unique in the strict sense, but many are rare enough to be considered distinctive features of this or that religion or denomination. Several doctrines of the Latter-day Saints are distinctive in this sense, although in most cases other Christians have at some time held identical or similar beliefs. Latter-day Saints insist that their distinctive doctrines were revealed by God in earlier dispensations headed by Adam, Enoch, Noah, and so forth down to the time of Christ. Thus, while they may be distinct among modern denominations, these newly revealed doctrines were shared with the one true Church of Jesus Christ in ancient times.



 Celestial Kingdom

 Terrestrial Kingdom

 Telestial Kingdom

Salvation of the Dead

 What is the Book of Mormon?   The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ is just what the title infers it is another Testament of the Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Savior was and is a perfect being, one of our Lord's attributes is that He is no respector of persons-this means that he loves all his children that come unto him and follow him.

 April 6, 1980 Proclamation of the Church   A reaffirmation of the leadership's commitment to the gospel at the time of the sesquicentennial of the founding of the church.

 Articles of Faith    Statements made by church leaders

 Back to Basics   Statements made in various general conferences since 1922.

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   A straight forward non-critical description of the basic elements of the Church by a non-member. I found it fairly accurate with a few exceptions, and very interesting.

 Constitution of the Church   Section 20 presents the basic teachings of the Church.

 Distinctive Teachings


 premortal state

 degree of glory


 the celestial

 the terrestrial




 Salvation for the Dead

 the gift of the Holy Ghost

 Doctrine   Statements made by church leaders

 Doctrines & Beliefs of the Church   An official proclamation of the Church in 1907

 Gospel   Statements by Church Leaders

 The Gospel of Jesus Christ

 Genealogy   Where did you come from?  FAMILYSEARCH

 The Restored Gospel   Study the Basics

 The Importance of the Individual    In the Lord's Revelations

 It's a Wonderful Life    An opportunity to count our belssings for freedom, the gospel, and most profoundly, for Christ's Atonement.  In the closing days of his life, King Benjamin brought his people together and taught them saying, "If ye should serve him who has created you from the beginning, and is preserving you from day to day, by lending you breath, that ye may live and move, and do according to your own will, and even supporting you form one moment to another - I say, if you should serve him with all your whole souls yet ye would be unprofitable servants" (Mosiah 2:21).

 LDS Teacher's Toolbox   Handouts, object lessons, poems, thoughts.

"My Creed"   by Pres. George Albert Smith. The page includes a tribute to Pres. George Albert Smith.

 Latter-day Saints Family   Joseph Smith's story and other basics

 Why There Will Never Be Another   There wer literally thousands of accounts of Old Testament events and of Jesus Christ's activities. How were the few in the Bible chosen?

 Converting Father Alma   The Mission of Abinadi

 Alone in the Land?   Were the Lehites alone in the land?

 Book of Mormon   From The Immortality and Eternal Life of Man, a book by Allen W. Leigh about the basics of the gospel of Jesus Christ

 Book of Mormon Authorship

 Book of Mormon Chronology

 Book of Mormon Commentaries

 Book of Mormon Context   Historical and Cultural Context of the Book of Mormon

 Book of Mormon Economy and Technology

 Book of Mormon Editions   1830 - 1981

 Book of Mormon Geography

 Book of Mormon Language

 Book of Mormon Literature

 Book of Mormon Manuscripts

 Book of Mormon Names

 Book of Mormon Overview

 Book of Mormon Peoples

 Book of Mormon Plates and Records   A break down of the various sets of plates and the records that were kept on them from which the Book of Mormon was translated.

 Book of Mormon Title Page   A translation from the original plates describing where each of the sections came from and who recorded them.

 Book of Mormon Translations   The Book of Mormon is translated into many languages so that the people of the world can read it in their own language.

 Cumorah   Joseph Smith was guided to a hill near where he lived to find the plates of gold on which the Book of Mormon was inscribed.

 Deseret   A word from the Book of Mormon which is interpreted to mean honey bee.

 The Gold Plates

 Lamanites   The words of a Living Prophet

A Brief Explanation of The Book of Mormon

 Importance of BofM

LDS Gospel Doctrine  Read the Book of Mormon Online

 The Lost 116 Pages    The first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon translation were lost; this page tells how and by whom, and the significance of the loss

 Moroni's Visitations   The Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith several times while bringing forth the Book of Mormon.

 Baptism For The Dead:

 The Temple:


 Book of Mormon:

 Points of the True Church:   scriptures and points that are descirptive of the true church of Jesus Christ.

Words of Mormon   A transition linking the small plates of Nephi with the rest of the Book of Mormon record

 What is a Proof?   I think we need to examine the meaning of the term "to prove". Let me illustrate this by going through a mathematic proof. If we look at a number raised to the power of 1 we can see that that will be equal to the original number. But what about the power of zero?

 Misconceptions (What the Book of Mormon isn't)

 Witnesses   Just as the Bible says that everything shall be established by witnesses (2 Cor 13:1), the Book of Mormon has witnesses that testify to its veracity.

 Understanding of Arabia   Lehi's travels in the desert

 Book of Mormon Names   Since names would most likely be transliterated and would closely follow the original, they give a good test for the language of the original documents.

 Hebrew writing styles and idioms   Some of the passages in the Book of Mormon do not read as good English, (however many have been changed in later editions of the Book of Mormon to make the English read better) but they are accepted usage for Hebrew. One of these is on page 351 in the first edition.

 Chiasmus   an ancient literary form known as chiasmus. Chiasms appear in Greek, Latin, English and other languages, but it was
most highly developed in Hebrew. This writting style was essentially unknown in Joseph Smith's time.

 Annual Great Assembly   As I mentioned in the last evidence of the ancient origin of the Book of Mormon, another area that could be covered is the yearly Great Assembly that took place in those ancient cultures. I have decided to discuss that in this article that again shows that the Book of Mormon is not a book written by Joseph Smith in the 1820's. I will quote from Hugh Nibley.

 The Book of Mormon contains the original of Isaiah   Our Most Ancient Scripture

 The Burial of the Spalding Manuscript Theory   Many Critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have claimed that Joseph Smith used a manuscript written by Solomon Spalding as the basis for the Book of Mormon. In making this claim, these Critics have resorted to the wrongful use of parallels in historic analysis, thus undermining their credibility as serious, and objective, analyzers of history and religion. In fact, Fawn Brodie, an avowed critic of the LDS Church, in her book, "No Man Knows my History", gives several good reasons why she thinks the theory has no basis.

 Ezekiel 37   The most common interpretation uses the Septuagint translation which translates the Hebrew word 'es, (which is rendered "stick" in the King James version) as "rod". A rod in this light is a tribal scepter and in Ephraim's hand connotes his rulership over the northern kingdom of Israel. Merging the scepters foreshadows the reunification of the two nations and the re-establishment of a monarchy over all Israel. This all harmonizes with Ezekiel 37:22-24, "I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel: and one king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all . . . and they all shall have one shepherd."

 Modern Stylemetry Analysis   a recent technique that is used for determining authorship and the application of this technique to the Book of Mormon.

 Evaluation of the Smithsonian "statement" about the Book of Mormon   For many years the Smithsonian Institution in Washington has received inquiries concerning the Book of Mormon, its role in the Institutton's scientific activities, and a number of specific informational questions about ancient American archaeology. At least twenty years ago the Institution began responding to such inquiries with a form letter prepared by its Department ofAnthropology. Statements in this letter (the content having changed several times over the years) are used by some opponents of the Mormon Church to support the idea that the Book of Mormon account is contradicted by scientific findings; some Latter-day Saints have been daunted in their faith in the book by these statements. This article critiques the method and content represented in the SI statement in order to put it into perspective.

 The Bible and the Book of Mormon   Massimo Franceschini

 The Elephant and the Book of Mormon   The Book of Mormon in referring to the Jaredites who came to the Americas from the Tower of Babel states that they enjoyed a high standard of technology and utilized elephants in their civilization. Many people have criticized The Book of Mormon over these statements.

 DNA and the Book of Mormon

 Archaeology FAQ   Book of Mormon Archaeology FAQ

 Book of Mormon Accusatory Questions   Addresses various attacks that have been made against the Book of Mormon

 Trouble at River City   A somewhat humorous look at Book of Mormon criticism by Reuben Dunn.

 A Scholar Looks at the Evidences for the Book of Mormon   Daniel C. Peterson speaks about some of the evidences for the Book of Mormon.

 The Book of Mormon: True or False   Hugh Nibley discusses why Joseph Smith could not have written the Book of Mormon and why the book has to be exactly what it claims to be.

 The Historicity of the Book of Mormon   Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave this address at the F.A.R.M.S. annual dinner on October 29, 1993.

 Reformed Egyptian   William J. Hamblin addresses the criticism that there is no language known as "reformed Egyptian."

 On Alma 7:10 and the Birthplace of Jesus Christ   One of the most popular anti-Mormon claims is that the Book of Mormon gives the wrong location for the birth of Jesus Christ. This paper by Daniel C. Peterson, Matthew Roper, and William J. Hamblin addresses that crticism.

 Comments on the Book of Mormon Witnesses   In spite of the fact that they never denied their testimony, Anti-Mormons frequently attack the testimony of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon because they later left the Church. This paper by Matthew Roper examines specific criticisms made by the Anti-Mormons Jerald and Sandra Tanner..

 The Latest Strawman   William J. Hamblin responds to Stephen E. Thompson's 1994 review of Review of Books on the Book of Mormon . He concludes "The failure of those who reject the historicity of the Book of Mormon to respond cogently to the increasing body of evidence and argument supporting historicity is becoming painfully apparent."

 17 Points of the Church   Compares today's church with that of the ancient church.

 Archeology   The study of Archeology has been used to try to prove as well as discredit the Book of Mormon.

 Biblical Prophecies about the

 Book of Mormon Biblical Culture

 Book of Mormon Evidence   Direct or Parallel?

 Book of Mormon , a Forgery?

 Book of Mormon Near Eastern Background   Evidences found in the Book of Mormon that links its people to the Near East.

 Book of Mormon Translation by Joseph Smith   To have written the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith would have had to have been proficient in ancient languages. He was not.

 Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon: Possible Evidence of Authenticity

 Other LDS Authors

 Digging for Quetzalcoatl's Christian Roots   A Detailed Treatise on the Quetzalcoatl Legend and how it applies to a study of the Book of Mormon.

Mesoamerican Fortifications    Mesoamerican Fortifications and the Book of Mormon /  Book of Mormon evidence

 Playing the Second Stone   Can Archeology prove the Book of Mormon?

 Abinadi   Abinadi was a courageous prophet (150 B.C.).

 The Allegory of Zenos   Describes the destiny of the House of Israel.

 Alma 36: Alma's Conversion Story   The entire text with a brief introduction and explanation, and the evidence of Chiasmus in the writing.

 Alma the Elder   A Book of Mormon Prophet

 Alma the Younger   A Book of Mormon prophet

 Amulek   A missionary companion to Alma the younger

 Benjamin   A Nephite King, son of Mosiah

 The Brother of Jared  The first Jaredite prophet, and a man who was so righteous he spoke face to face with the pre-mortal Christ.

 Cause and Effect in the Gospel   A lesson from the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon

 Enos, the Book of   From the Book of Mormon, written by Enos, the son of Jacob

 Helaman  There are three Helamans recorded in Book of Mormon history. This page tells about all three.

 Jacob, the Book of   From the Book of Mormon, written by Jacob, the fifth son of Lehi

 Jaredite Cards   Picture cards to help teach children the story of the Jaredites' journey to the Promised Land.

 Jarom, the Book of   Jarom was the Son of Enos in the Book of Mormon

 King Benjamin's Farewell Address    The complete text from the Book of Mormon with a brief introduction and explanation: Probably one of the most profoundly spiritual expressions in the Book of Mormon.

 Mormon  The words of a Living Prophet

 Mormon   Mormon was a prophet, an author, and the last Nephite military commander (c. A.D. 310-385).

 Moroni Seals Up the Sacred Record   Ether 4:4-15: The scripture text is given illustrated by a print of an oil painting depiction of the scene.

 Moroni, Son of Mormon   Two major Book of Mormon prophets

 Mosiah   110 years of Book of Mormon history (200 to 91 BC).

Questions about Apparent Problems in the Book of Mormon

 Omni, the Book of   The book that concludes a major section of the Book of Mormon: It contains the writings of successive descendants of Jacob who were not spiritual leaders.

 Selection from the  Book of Mormon  : 2Nephi 25:13-30   Explains who Nephi was and then gives the Prophet's view of the future Christ (550 BC).

 Selection: 3 Nephi, Chapter 11   The visit of the Resurrected Christ to the Nephite and Lamanite Peoples (ca. 34 AD)

 Their "Best Shots"   BYU Devotional address describing some specific gems of thought contained in Book of Mormon stories.

 Warfare in the  Book of Mormon   A history

 Book of Mormon   The words of a Living Prophet

Book of Mormon Witnesses

 Book of Mormon Witnesses   Brief Biographies of the Eight Witnesses

 Jesus Christ's Words, Their Sources   Jesus Christ's words are found in other places as well as in the Bible.

 Marketplace of Ideas  by Elder Henry B. Eyring

 The Nature of God in the  Book of Mormon

 A Standard Unto My People   The Book of Mormon as a standard for the church

 The Virgin Birth

 Elohim   Elohim (God; gods; Heavenly Father) is the plural form of the singular noun 'eloah (compare Arabic Allah) in the Hebrew Bible, where it is used 2,570 time as compared to 57 times for its singular. But as one commentator has noted, why this "plural form for "God' is used has not yet been explained satisfactorily" (Botterweck, Vol. 1, p. 272).

 Godhood   God, as a loving Father, wants his children to enjoy all that he enjoys.

 God the Father: Overview of Beliefs   An overview of the Church's basic doctrine about God the Father

 Heavenly Father   The words of a Living Prophet

 Names and titles of God the Father

 Pres. Benson's Teachings about Christ   A Prophet speaks about Jesus Christ

 Satan and the Savior   An look at the relationship between the Savior and Satan

 Third Nephi   Third Nephi is the spiritual climax of the Book of Mormon. It records the three phasses of Christ's mortality.

 Elohim   Elohim (God; gods; Heavenly Father) is the plural form of the singular noun 'eloah (compare Arabic Allah) in the Hebrew Bible, where it is used 2,570 times as compared to 57 times for its singular. But as one commentator has noted, why this "plural form for "God' is used has not yet been explained satisfactorily" (Botterweck, Vol. 1, p. 272).

 Heavenly Father   The words of a Living Prophet

 Faith    The words of a Living Prophet

 Holy Ghost: The Baptism of Fire   Receiving the Holy Ghost is the Fourth Principle of the Gospel

 First Vision   The words of a Living Prophet

 First Vision   A response to critics

 Joseph Smith   An extensive story of the Prophet and his mission.

 Joseph Smith   A response to critics

 Questions about Joseph Smith's First Vision Accounts

 Joseph Smith the Prophet   The Reality of Joseph Smith's Vision

Joseph Smith Tarred & Feathered   An incident of persecution in Kirtland, Ohio

 Latter-day Saints do not Worship Joseph Smith   A prevalent myth about the Church is that its membership worships Joseph Smith.

 The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

 Period of Trial, Testing   The early trials of Joseph Smith which came after his first vision

The Prophet Settles in Ohio  Joseph Smith /  The beginning of the Kirtland, Ohio period.

 Martyr: Going as a Lamb to the Slaughter   An account of Joseph Smith's martyrdom.

 The Martyrdom   Journal entries that record the feelings of the saints at the time of the Joseph Smith's martyrdom

 Collected Teachings of Joseph Smith   Contains the IV Lectures on Faith and various other works of the Prophet.

 Teachings of Joseph Smith

 Teachings of Joseph Smith   These are companion pages, the first with a link to the second. The first has a brief explanation of where the writings came from and the extensiveness of them. The second is a hotlist of parts that lead into each other in succession. There are no headings; you have to read them in order to keep the sense of it.

 The Teachings of Joseph Smith   Written by Truman Madsen

 Was Joseph Smith a Martyr?

The Visions of Joseph Smith

 The Writings of Joseph Smith   Includes a sample of his handwriting.

 Are You Saved?   New Testament Doctrine of Salvation

 Book of Life   In a figurative sense, the book of life is the complete record of one's life, the sum total of thoughts, words, and deeds written in the soul, of which the Lord will take account in the day of judgment (Rev. 20:12; Alma 12:14).

 Deification: Accusatory Questions   Response to anti-Mormon claim that the Church's doctrine of Deification is Satan's plan and a lie told to Eve in Genesis

 Deification, Early Christian   From the second to the eight centuries, the standard Christian term for salvation was theopoiesis or theosis, which literally means "being made God," or deification.

 The Divine Potential of human Beings: The Latter-day SAint Perspective

 The Elect of God

 Heirs of God and Joint-Heirs with Christ

Angels   From the Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Angels, Archangels, and Guardian Angels

 The Celestial Kingdom: D & C Sections 137-138

 The Reality of Satan

 Are LDS Christian?

 THE ACCUSATIONS   Are LDS Christians?

 What We Believe   Robert L. Millet

LDS are Christians   Boyd K. Packer

 Melchizedek: Ancient Sources

Melchizedek: LDS Sources

 Melchizedek Priesthood: Powers and Offices

 Melchizedek Priesthood Restoration

 Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide Index   Index to the various Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guides published between 1974-97. Lessons listed alphabetically by subject.

 Listening to Prophets   Five things prophets teach us

 Membership   Membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a fulfilling, lifelong undertaking.

 Joining the Church   Converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have various motivations for their initial interest in the Church, and many factors influence them in the conversion process. However, they generally share three common experiences as they seek baptism and membership in the Church.

 Abraham   "Few biblical characters figure so prominently in LDS faith as does Abraham." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Origin of the Book of Abraham   "In July 1835, while living in Kirtland, Ohio, the Prophet Joseph Smith purchased, on behalf of the Church, four Egyptian mummies and accompanying papyri from Michael H. Chandler, a traveling entrepreneur from Pennsylvania. " Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Translation and Publication of the Book of Abraham   "On October 10, 1880, in a general conference, members of THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints voted to accept the book of Abraham as a scriptural work." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Contents of the Book of Abraham   "The book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price consists of an account of Abraham's experiences with the Lord in four lands: Chaldea, Haran, Canaan, and Egypt." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Facsimiles From the Book of Abraham   "Three facsimiles are published with the text of the book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. All are similar to Egyptian illustrations known from other sources." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Studies About the Book of Abraham   "Doctrinal studies of the book of Abraham have usually been components of general commentaries on the Pearl of Great Price without focusing on the book of Abraham in particular." Encyclopedia of Mormonism

 Book of Abraham   A response to critics

 Book of Moses   The Book of Moses is an extract of several chapters from Genesis in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (JST) and constitutes one of the texts in the Pearl of Great Price. The Prophet Joseph Smith began an inspired revision of the Old Testament in June 1830 to restore and clarify vital points of history and doctrine missing from the Bible.

 Council in Heaven   The Council in Heaven, sometimes called the Grand Council, refers to a meeting of God the Father with his spirit sons and daughters to discuss the terms and conditions by which these spirits could come to earth as physical beings. The terms "Council in Heaven" and "Grand Council" do not appear in the scriptures, but are used by the Prophet Joseph Smith in referring to these premortal activities, allusions to which are found in many scriptures (Job 38:4-7; Jer. 1:5; Rev.12:3-7; Alma 13:3-9; D&C 29:36-38; 76:25-29; Moses 4:1-4; Abr. 3:23-28; cf. TPJS, pp. 348-49, 357, 365; T&S 4 [Feb. 1, 1843]:82).

 Devils   In LDS discourse, the term "devil" denotes anyone who promotes the cause of evil, but it is especially applied to those unembodied spirits who rebelled against God in the premortal life and were cast down from heaven to this earth. The devil, who leads them, is also known by the personal names of Lucifer in the premortal existence and Satan since being cast down.

 Pre-Existence   Statements made by church leaders

 Pre-Mortal Existence   A Vision of The Pre-Mortal Existence of Spirits Given to Mosiah Hancock in 1853

 Your Pre-Earthlife   Sometimes, in your search for happiness, you ponder the meaning of your life. You sift your memory for beginnings; you send your mind ahead for directions, but all you really know is now. And you are lost in the present.

 LDS Glossary

 LDS Basics

About Latter-day Saints  /

 Ancient Sources for Baptism for the Dead   In his first epistle to the Corinthians Paul wrote: "Otherwise, what shall they do who are being baptized for the dead? If the dead are not raised at all, why are they being baptized for them" (Conzelmann, 1 Corinthians 15:29).

 Baptism for the Dead in Ancient Times   In 1895 there was found in Egypt a Coptic papyrus purporting to contain an account of the teaching of Christ to his apostles after the resurrection. The most learned church historian of modern times, Adolf von Harnack, was prompted to point out that this document was neither "a provincial production of the Egyptian Church" nor a brainchild of the Gnostics, but an authentic statement of certain important doctrines of salvation and resurrection common to the whole Christian church at a very early date.

 Questions about Baptism for the Dead

 Latter-day Saint Temple Worship and Activity   Performing ordinances in the temple is a sacred form of worship

 Endowment Houses   An Endowment house is a building or place where certain temple ordinances may be administered, outside of the temple itself.

 The Temple Garment   "An outward expression of an inward covenant."

 Temple Recommend   Temples have always been revered and reserved as sacred ground.

 Temples   by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone

 Why do Mormons build temples?    Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

 Temple Tour   A brief description of temples in general with links to pictures of various rooms in a variety of temples.

 Defenders of Zion   Visiting Teaching as a call to lead.

 Home Teaching

 Visiting Teaching   Visiting teaching is an organized means whereby the women of the Church receive regular instructional and compassionate service visits—usually by personal contact in the home—from other female members of the Church. The purpose is to promote sisterhood, present inspirational messages, and note instances of need wherein the temporal and spiritual resources of the Church might be helpful.

 To the Home Teachers   A talk by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson

 Visiting Teaching   Statements by Church Leaders