Squeeze The Banana

Tap - Up & Down

Pendulum Swing

Flip Flap Jack

Around the World

In & Out move ball around lower part of legs - start with legs together - go around both legs one time - drop back right foot - take ball around left leg - bring right foot back up - go around both legs again - drop left foot back - take ball around right leg - bring left foot back up = REPEAT

Two Player Pistol Pete Draw


Rhythm Ricochet

Bullet Ricochet

Inverted Ricochet

Space Catch

Rhythm Space Catch

High Space Catch

Shoulder Toss

Bounce in Front Space Catch

Bounce in Back Space Catch

Space Clap Catch

Big Dipper toss ball up in air so that it will come down straight behind you - reach your hands between your legs and make the catch

Speed Drill place ball between knees, one hand in front and one hand in back, switch hands without letting the ball hit the floor = REPEAT

Running Pretzel

See-Saw hold ball between knees, both hands in front, switch both hands to behind to ball without letting the ball hit the floor = REPEAT

Knee Clap hold ball with both hands behind knees, drop ball, clap hands in front of legs, and catch ball behind knees with both hands before it touches the floor, move ball around knees = REPEAT

Standing Back Figure 8 move the ball in a figure 8 through the legs, after each figure 8 move the ball over the back = REPEAT

Single Leg Circles

Double Leg Circles

Figure 8

Rhythm Drill drop ball between legs - one hand in front and one in back - take ball around both legs - drop ball (ball hits floor) and switch hands = REPEAT

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